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Thanks largely to you, we have achieved an important membership milestone. We have sailed past 500 and are well on our way to our target of 1,000 members before Christmas. Yes it is small potatoes compared to the QNU's 50,000 – still with your continued support and referrals will be 3 or 4 thousand by late next year and who knows by 2018 year end.

We have enjoyed the luxury of virtually unlimited backing from Ferguson Cannon Lawyers and the QAS Group and their commitment continues and strengthens. Our focus is to make sure we keep up the levels of service. Very soon we will launch a feature where we keep you informed about the issues that we are dealing with. It will be through a special section in the newsletters and on the web site. Our track record for resolving matters is pretty good so far and we intend to keep it that way.

We are already working our way through the EBA maze. These agreements pave your future and your involvement, supported by NPAQ is the way forward. The important role of negotiation should not be left to HR people and Unions with their own agendas. If your workplace is starting or already in negotiations, let us know and we will help you put your bids in.

New members are joining at an ever increasing pace as you talk to your colleagues and explain how and why we are different. There are lots of issues coming into play not the least of which was highlighted at the last election. There is an article in this edition about some of the ways the QNU contributes it member's money to support political parties. This will help explain to your friends why NPAQ membership fee is almost half.

QNU backs new abortion bill on behalf of its members

On another plane, the QNU are backing the Qld Labor Government's proposed bill on abortion. Are they expressing a view on behalf of their nurse members? We do not believe so. Our constitution ensures NPAQ does just that and our role is facilitating debate. Abortion is a really contentious issue and both for and against positions are passionately held. We want to hear from you about your view so all sides are heard. Ultimately this should be a community decision, and for them to properly consider this, the view of nurses needs to be placed front and centre. We don't think the QNU view is a reflection of any proper process to determine what nurses and midwives really think. Yes nurses will be on both sides but their relative perspectives will be powerful. We shouldn't shirk from this issue nor ram our view down anyone's throat. To this end we have published an article from each side perspective and the QNU submission to the Queensland Government. Graeme Haycroft has summarised the respective arguments and commented on the submission.

Let us know what you think on our facebook page. There is plenty more in coming issues.

Nurse / patient ratios: Did anybody bother to consider what is likely to happen to experienced nurse career paths? Penalty rates and Queensland Health access rights will be amongst the many more topics in future surveys, debates and newsletters.

More importantly we want you to tell us what is going on in your workplace and in your area.

NPAQ Membership

How the QNU spent some of their members’ funds helping the Labour Party in the recent federal election

Our NewsFlash ( www.npaq.com.au/newsflash/ ) the day prior to the election pointed out that NPAQ:

1. Wasn't going to tell its members how to vote.We did suggest the major parties were probably as bad as each other. A view which it appears the majority of Australian voters have concurred with.

2. Would not spend one cent of NPAQ members’ money, directly or indirectly, supporting any political party.And nor will it ever be.

Furthermore we pointed out that QNU members should demand the QNU tell them just how much of their members funds were used in this campaign.

Well didn't that stir the possum on Social Media.

FB Post

Some QNU supporters didn’t like us pointing out that members’ funds are used for party political purposes and not only to assist Nurses. Some wiser heads asked us if we knew just how the QNU used member funds to support the Labor and Green Parties. We don't know all the ways and we don't know exactly how much because the QNU certainly keep it a secret. There is no requirement of them by law or Constitution to tell members what they spend their money on.

FB Post

We are not a union and we would have to tell our members if we did spend their money on party politics, (which we will never do by the way) but there is a special law that exempts them from that disclosure.

We can tell you probably where at least a million or two dollars of QNU members’ money went.

Reports came to us from right across Queensland of people receiving phone calls ‘on behalf of the QNU’, warning people that the Turnbull Government was going to end Medicare. (Whether that was true or not is not the point.) Hundreds of hours, likely tens of thousands of phone calls leading up to the election – paid for by QNU membership money.

This huge ‘contribution’ will be buried in the QNU accounts as “member salaries” or “administration” costs.

Political campaigns are enormously expensive particularly at the back end. Market research for political parties costs an arm and a leg and because it can be easily hidden under “marketing” costs members are none the wiser. And all of this is funded by overpriced membership fees.

So now you know some of it. We suggest that you get your QNU member friends to ask the QNU “How much of members money was spent on the last election for the Labour Party and the Greens?” Let’s see if they get a straight answer.

The NPAQ community is growing in numbers and strength. Thank you for your continuing support and referrals.

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Comparison Update

Please be advised our current "Price Comparison" feature in our "Fees and Benefits" section is now updated due to QNU fees again being raised across the board. www.npaq.com.au/qnu/

Our DL size NPAQ Brochures are being re-printed and will be available soon.

Below is the updated “Price Comparison” that we suggest you show a friend or colleague that is serious about their career and joining a professional association.

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QNU Resignation
Phone Screen

If you are a member of the Queensland Nurses Union and wish to resign, NPAQ membership will start from the date the QNU resignation takes effect and the NPAQ fee will commence on the 25th of the month following the last QNU payment.

The NPAQ PI Insurance policy will be effective from the date of your membership, however the policy has full retroactive cover for any issues which may have occurred whilst you were a member of the QNU but which you have not yet been notified or may not even know about. You will be totally protected in the change over.

The NPAQ offer 3 handy ways to get you on the right track, these include:

Advise QNU by Email
Advise your bank of direct debit cancellation
•Let us resign on your behalf

Together we will build a strong network of professional nurses and allied health professionals.

Abortion Laq

The NPAQ does not speak for nurses on moral, ethical, religious, personal or commercial grounds. We are a professional organisation created to provide support services for nurses and to give you the nurse a voice in your workplace and the community at large. Notice that we give our members a voice. We do not speak on behalf of you, or give our own personal views and claim that in giving that view we are giving it on behalf of all of our members.

We think, as Secretary Cath Seaver has pointed out in her editorial, that all issues, and particularly contentious issues, should be openly discussed and debated by members.

We have just celebrated our first 500 members and we are still new and still tiny. My guess is that for the sake of illustrating an argument a significant minority of our members would hold the view that abortion is just wrong on any grounds. On the other side there is another minority who would think that abortion is an acceptable form of contraception. Whereas the majority would have varying degrees of acceptance of abortion depending upon the circumstance in each case.

It would be plain wrong for the NPAQ to come out supporting any position on abortion because the viewpoints held by our members are so varied. How dare we presume to claim that one point of view is superior to another. Yet this is exactly what the QNU has done by claiming to represent the views of their claimed 53000 members, citing a United Nations left wing protocol in support, and then telling the Queensland government that all the nurses in Queensland are in favour of decriminalizing abortion. They are not. Some would be, but certainly not all of them as claimed. How dare they! Well a fledgling competitor to them and their monopoly is now calling them out. The gig is up QNU. You are not the voice of nurses. Your nurse members who value the sanctity of life and who rightly object to your stance now have somewhere else to go. They can join us secure in the knowledge that we will never sell you out. Those nurses who may be sympathetic to the proposed changes but who object to being used in the campaign without their permission, you can join us too.We promise to give you a forum for all the views and let the people decide.

We believe the community needs to hear what real nurses think about this issue. So to start the debate we have posted a news item about parliamentary member Rob Pyne's initial Bill, obviously in favour of course, and an opposing article by Mark Bowling printed in the Catholic Leader.

This is just the start. When you go to our website and facebook you will see that we have provided a forum for both sides of the debate because Queenslanders need to know what Queensland nurses think, not what the United Nations and the secretary of the QNU want you to think.

We have also posted the QNU submission in favour. Please have a read so you can remind your QNU member colleagues of what their membership money is being spent on. Whether Queensland nurses are in favour of the bill or not, anybody who reads the QNU submission will be in no doubt that nurses were simply not consulted. And yet they claim that all nurses support the abortion bill.

The community wants to hear the nurses and their many and varied views because nurse are at the "coalface" of this debate. They don't want to hear the political pretenders who thought they could get away with pushing a left wing agenda claiming it was the voice of nursing.

Nurses of Queensland, join us and let the community hear your voices.

Join the discussion!
Go to www.npaq.com.au/forum

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