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Anne Vigar

Dear Members

It seems a long time since the idea of a professional organisation for nurses was discussed around a kitchen table. Now we have a strong association that has represented a growing number of our members in areas such as wage negotiations, workplace disputes and legal issues.

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The aim of our Association is to build an organisation for professional nurses that offers support, that is transparent and is not influenced by any political party.

It is your recommendations and referrals which is growing our membership – we do appreciate all your help with this. It is important to continue our word-of-mouth growth, as not only does it build on trust, it keeps marketing and advertising costs down so we can pass on the savings. Remember to mention NPAQ to final year student nurses and new graduates, as they will soon be entering the work force.

We bring experience and knowledge

Thank you for your feedback about the staff patient ratio policy. I believe unless patient acuity is taken into consideration the exercise is pointless. My concern is also for our experienced nurses. Cheaper staff, whether they are less qualified or contracted from overseas may become an option for budget conscious hospitals, and our senior staff will miss out. In most areas of nursing there is a mix of experienced and less experienced staff. The "older" nurses learn a lot from the new graduates - they bring enthusiasm and vibrancy to the workplace and we bring experience and knowledge. We learn a lot from each other, which benefits our patients. It’s a great collegial environment and as nurses it is our responsibility to ensure that we don't lose this supportive atmosphere.

At a recent NPAQ meeting a suggestion was raised about the possibility of providing an online mentoring service. In the nursing community there is a wealth of knowledge. Would it be helpful to you? Maybe you are considering a change of direction within nursing and it would be useful to have someone who could offer an insight into your proposed change. I know from my many years of nursing I have loved answering questions about different areas and experiences I have had and have also enjoyed hearing my colleagues’ stories. It becomes part of a nurse’s history and how we build on these experiences makes us a better professional nurse.

It is perioperative nurses week the 9-15 October. These nurses do a fantastic job, please support them.

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Kind regards
Anne Vigar

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In what way did we make it easy for youto deal with an issue?
Always available when required. Very quick to respond.

Did we provide value to you as a member? Definitely

What would you say is unique about NPAQ? Quick professional and expert advice. No question was a burden.

Would you recommend NPAQ to your friends and colleagues? Yes

Any other feedback? Very grateful for the expert advice. Always prompt and kept me informed.

NPAQ Rating – How do you score us? 5
(5 being excellent, 1 being poor)

Thankyou Karel Reece for your feedback!

We would love to hear from you, go to www.npaq.com.au/feedback and let us know about your NPAQ Experience.

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Nures HQ

Do You Know Your Nursing Hours Per Patient Day?

What are Nursing Hours Per Patient Day?

Nursing Hours Per Patient Day is simply a ratio of how many hours of nursing care are given to each patient. It’s a simple formula, way easier than calculating an insulin infusion! But few nurses are familiar with it.

Who Cares About Nursing Hours Per Patient Day?

The obvious, perhaps a little cynical answer, is the hospital’s accountant and none of the nurses. Nurses busy delivering patient care: which is their core business. But there is power within those numbers for nurses to squirrel out hours to use for your department.

For hospital execs, it’s their main key performance indicator. For them, when the nursing team leaders get this wrong on the weekend – it’s frankly a night. The managers walk in on Monday morning to a desecrated nursing hours per patient day target and they’re behind the 8-ball before they even order their first coffee.

But what if Clinical Nurses knew the tricks of the trade and could manipulate work hours? The hospital exec’s KPI gets nailed and nurses get to deploy nursing hours where they really want it: quality patient care. Isn’t that a win-win?

Share this YouTube video with your Clinical Nurse team and watch your work hours fall…


Legal Protection
Legal Site

NPAQ has grown rapidly in the last couple of years and with this growth the various services and support have grown as well. Our web site for example, has tripled in size and has fast become the place to go for all kinds of Queensland Nursing based information. As the site grows though, unless you are specifically searching for it, some content can be hard to find. As a result we are putting together a small series in this newsletter and future issues, focusing on the various sections found at npaq.com.au.

Introducing the NPAQ.com.au section, “Legal Protection”.

A section recognised by the small blue shield icon, Legal Protection is the number one place to find various informational guidelines, legislation documents and requirements. Additionally, we outline how Ferguson Cannon Lawyers are here to help members, along with point driven information on Legal Disputes, Legal Council, Enterprise Bargaining and Vicarious Liability.

We certainly have our members backs

There is also comprehensive information on our Professional Indemnity Insurance, (which is provided by CGU) along with various “Quick Links” to the PI Policy itself, and the Certificate of Currency.

NPAQ.com.au is phone, tablet and PC friendly, so no matter where you are or what you are using, we encourage you to check out this ever growing section.

If you are not a member and you are reading this, you can't ignore that with the industries finest in Insurance and Legal, we certainly have our members backs.

Mobile Friendly

For existing members with a passion for their profession, and wanting to look after their workmate. Let them know via our referral programme at www.npaq.com.au/workmate/

Ferguson Cannon Lawyers
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QNU Resignation
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If you are a member of the Queensland Nurses Union and wish to resign, NPAQ membership will start from the date the QNU resignation takes effect and the NPAQ fee will commence on the 25th of the month following the last QNU payment.

The NPAQ PI Insurance policy will be effective from the date of your membership, however the policy has full retroactive cover for any issues which may have occurred whilst you were a member of the QNU but which you have not yet been notified or may not even know about. You will be totally protected in the change over.

The NPAQ offer 3 handy ways to get you on the right track, these include:

Advise QNU by Email
Advise your bank of direct debit cancellation
Let us resign on your behalf

Together we will build a strong network of professional nurses and allied health professionals.


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