​The 5th INDIGENOUS STOP DOMESTIC AND FAMILY VIOLENCE NATIONAL CONFERENCE will focus on issues such as psychological, physical, emotional and mental abuse inflected on individuals and communities subjected to all forms of family and domestic violence. High quality information, research, community and government programs will be highlighted at the conference with the aim of providing positive outcomes in the drive to stop all forms of family and domestic violence in our communities.

​The conference is jointly hosted by Murri Sisters Assoc Inc and Indigenous Conference Services with great line up of First Nations speakers nationally and international speakers. Our partnering organisation Murri Sisters Assoc Inc was established to provide support and short-term accommodation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and their children who are escaping family violence and are risk of homelessness.

​The conference primary aim and goal is to employ positive prevention strategies to stop all forms of family and domestic violence across the general community. For years, domestic violence has been hidden in the back rooms and behind closed doors. The conference is only one tool in our arsenal to overcome the scourge of family and domestic violence through the speaking out, sharing of information, knowledge and utilising the best practices.

Abuse takes place in all areas of society from the rich to the poor, from Indigenous communities through to mainstream society. Gender equality and the rights of women and children who are victims played an important role in highlighting violence within the domestic lifestyle of society. Statistics show that throughout the world that men deem to be the most prominent perpetrators; however the conference will focus on both men and women equally together with all other family members. The greater the spotlight on family and domestic violence as well as drawing attention to the identifying predators who inflict the violence, the greater the effectiveness of breaking the cycle of violence.

​Many communities have worked hard in addressing the incidence of domestic violence with both non-government and government agencies have developed some great programs in addressing these problems. The Conference is devoted to highlighting many of these successful Domestic Violence programs implemented in our communities.  

​With the invention of the internet, the world is now at most peoples’ door step as such the sharing of information whether it be programs run by government or not-for-profit organisations has become more accessible in today’s society. As such, the conference endeavours to establish a network for the sharing of information on breaking the cycle of Domestic Violence.


The conference philosophy is based upon an approach of “Prevention is better than Cure” which require collaborative partnership between all stakeholders, working together to support First Nations communities in addressing all forms of Domestic Violence. The foundation of the conference is to share and discuss positive models of change and initiatives. The event is structured in such a way as to develop a wider methodology towards preventative programs that are culturally appropriate and therefore more likely to succeed. This conference is devoted to showing the positives in addressing Domestic Violence in our communities and families today. Hence, the event has been developed with the belief that it is time to promote the positives and successes in Domestic Violence programs whilst still recognising that we still have a long way to go.


The conference objectives are designed to empower and stimulate discussion in a positive manner that can and may be used back in our work environment to further develop strength unity and education. Moreover one of the most powerful objectives that Indigenous peoples have is the strength to overcome adversity through the power of sharing knowledge and therefore the conference will attempt to foster all of the issues set out in this conference.


  • Reduce incidence of Domestic and Family Violence at all levels,

  • Provide an open and frank forum for discussion,

  • Lend support to individuals and families working in the field of Family and Domestic Violence

  • Help establish and grow a worldwide network and resources through information sharing,

  • Show that Domestic and Family Violence

  • Exchange information regarding the successes of community projects

  • To bring together men, women and organizations as a united voice against domestic and family violence

  • Bring together, researcher, service providers, government agencies, policy makers/developers & organisations

  • Net working and lend support to individuals and groups working in the field of Domestic Violence


This conference is built base on the principles that Men, Women and Community must be united when it comes to Domestic Violence issues. One thing we are all aware of is that Men make up the largest percentage of perpetrators as such this conference theme is centred upon the principle that it is all our duty and responsibility to bring a halt to Domestic Violence.


THE NATIONAL INDIGENOUS STOP DOMESTIC AND FAMILY VIOLENCE CONFERENCE is held approximately every two years with the 2018 event being the 5th conference in the series. It is the largest gathering of workers in the field of Domestic Violence. Over this time the conference has seen in excess of a thousand delegates. It is important to note that the conference is open to all people, not just Indigenous or First Nations’ People from Australia. This conference gives a voice to all sectors of the community from grass roots remote communities through to the politicians and bureaucrats.


Violence against any family member constitutes a violation of the rights and fundamental freedom of that individual and impairs or nullifies their enjoyment of those rights and freedoms. Recognizing that violence against someone is an unequal power between the aggressor and victim. This leads to an uneven balance within the domestic environment which therefore causes further friction or disharmony with other household members, in particular the children.


Indigenous Conference Services’ vision is to break the barriers of silence and stand as a unified group to combat domestic violence and their aftermath by having an open and transparent conference. This in turn will emphasise the inequality that exists in society today.


This conference presents a unique opportunity for delegates to participate in a positive environment that is dedicated to the sharing of information and the empowering of all who attend. In our everyday working environment the day to day stresses of our positions tends to limit us in expanding our knowledge and networking. Whether you work at a community level or at governmental level the opportunity to network and gain contacts outside of your local region tend to be limited, this is why this conference will be so valuable to participants. Hence, all Indigenous people and non-indigenous people whether professional or community-based, who have a vested interest in combating domestic violence are invited.


  • Domestic violence workers

  • Community groups

  • Family relationship workers

  • Community leaders

  • Indigenous women and men’s groups

  • Psychologists, Social Workers, NGOs

  • Women groups, Human Rights Enthusiasts

  • Nurses / Doctors/ Psychiatrists, Police Officers

  • People who are interested in combating Domestic Violence

  • Government Representatives, Community Leaders

  • Consultants / Legal Professionals

  • Domestic Violence Field Workers, Teachers


We wish to invite Indigenous and non-Indigenous people from Australia and throughout to attend the conference to share and gather information. We also extend an invitation to participants to join us at the conference dinner in a relaxed atmosphere.


To ensure that delegates attend and participate, it is important to note that to show accountability of delegates in meeting their obligation; each delegate will receive a Certificate of Attendance only when they attend 85% of all the conference sessions. In addition, delegates will receive a CD with all papers & presentations presented at the conference.


Who: Individuals, Groups, NGO’s, Government Agencies & Others

When: 9th to 11th July, 2018

Where: Marriott Hotel, Brisbane, QLD

Time: 9.00am 


WARNING: Limited availability. Please register online or contact us via email, should you have any further queries.


More Info: https://www.icsconferences.org/2018-indigenous-domestic-violence-c

July 09, 2018 at 8am - July 11, 2018
Marriot Hotel
515 Queen St
Brisbane, Queensland 4000
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