7 Health Career Mistakes

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Don’t make these 7 career mistakes.  It is important to look at health career decisions that may derail your ambitions. Making decisions in your control around your health career planning and career management requires setting some time aside to look at decisions you make that may have longer term impact, and what you can do about them.


1. Find Direction in Your Health Career

Not having direction in your career can lead to lost opportunities. You may find yourself doing what you don’t enjoy that leads to frustration. Find your direction where you are going and why.

2. Don’t Confuse Hard Work with Results

Unfortunately this one is common.  Effort is not a substitute for results, while it is easy to do, does not guarantees to help you reach your goals.   Learning is not a measurement of your performance but a mental hurdle to overcome.

3. Pitch Your Ideas Well

Invest time into skilling up to pitch your ideas well.  This helps you influence others to get on board with your ideas and help you out. While this may become a hurdle at first that causes frustration it is only a matter of time until you master this skill.

4. Understand Your Business

Don’t isolate yourself to your function because when the time comes to influence others it will be all that much harder. Seek to understand the challenges, real needs of the business and strategic goals of your business that will help you find ways to create value.

5. Manage Office Politics

The reality all office have politics in them.  Trying to avoid politics is a mistake. Rather learn to negotiate, understand when power resides, understand different agendas and learn to manage politics at the right levels.

6. Find Support

Cultivating support of a mentor or advocate in your career is doing your career a service.  These people can open doors for you once you have proved you are reliable to support.

7. Understand About Yourself

Understanding who you are leads to better career decision making.  It helps you avoid making career mistakes. A lack of self-awareness of your values leads to over dependency based on what others think.  Making decisions about your health career leads to better opportunities.


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