“Humanity over Bureaucracy” a Dutch-inspired revolution in Nursing.


A new model of care has been developed in the Netherlands called ‘Buurtzorg’ meaning ‘neighbourhood care’. 

The Buurtzorg method has three aims:

  1. better care for patients,
  2. happier staff and
  3. lower costs.

The big idea is that each team of nurses would have complete autonomy, supported by a central office for administrative matters. So Buurtzorg nurses would not only control how and when they treated patients, but also their budget, who they employed and their own planning and organisation.

The NPAQ team can see so many benefits, including  

  • It puts nurses in charge
  • No paper work
  • Minimal management.
  • Nurses work in teams
  • Fabulous results
  • Reduce duplicating services and programs
  • Allow for afterhours care with flexible community teams

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