Salary Sacrificing – Is it available to you?

Did you know your mortgage payment COULD be deductible?Magick Finance Logo

Saving for a home? Arrange to meet with a Finance Broker and plan your savings strategy.

When saving a deposit to buy a home, many people have a goal amount in mind that they need to save before they meet with a finance broker who will help them secure the finance.


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Tips for Nurses to manage stress in the workplace

Stress Less

Don't let your business or work crumble because of mental and physical strain. Top performers manage their time, activity, and practice.

Here's 7 daily rituals to enhance your emotional, physical and work life:

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Guest Bloggers for #NursingLife


NPAQ Welcome articles for our #Nurselife Blog

The NPAQ website receives over 1000 visitors per week and we will also be sharing article/s with our nurse members, newsletter subscribers and social media fans.

We are seeking articles to help and support Nurses in their day to day life and in their careers. 

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