“SNAP” – Satisfied Nurses and Patients Seminar

Patient Experience; Patient Satisfaction; Patient Centred Care…..Are we overthinking the whole lot?

What do we mean, anyway and….what about ME?! What’s my experience? My satisfaction? Is that even relevant? …and could there be a link?

This seminar gives you the time to explore all these questions (and possibly more) in the company of other healthcare providers. As the pace of healthcare seems to increase exponentially none of us would argue that the patient ought to be at the centre of what we do.

In fact, many of us chose this profession because of what we wanted to do for patients, families and communities.

But is this possible and, more importantly, is it currently true?

Content Includes:

  • Understanding the nature of experience
  • Understanding what matters to us, so we can provide what matters to others
  • Understanding the role of neuroplasticity, awareness and focus
  • Some basic tools, tactics and techniques to keep connection in focus
  • Mindfulness and presence as professional attributes (and how to do it!)
  • How hard is it? Keeping it real in our current reality!
  • Oh, yes, and a few definitions, research findings and frameworks along the way.

More Info: https://www.ect4health.com.au/snap-satisfied-nurses-and-patients-seminar/

July 23, 2019 at 8am - 4pm
Brisbane (venue to be advised)