A New Frontier In Nursing Education

Bundle of Rays

A new frontier in nursing education has arrived… So, what is all this about?

Firstly this isn’t zoom.  This is a new reality, VIRTUAL REALITY (VR) with the founder of Bundle of Rays, Brad Chesham.

Bundle of Rays, my young QLD based company is shaking the status quo and showing the world how it is done. We have already achieved International success with awards in the USA, invited keynote presentations across Europe and we are currently distributing into Asia. I never dreamed when I started, it would grow as it has.

Importantly, I am a nurse, just like you.

I have worked as a nurse for 12 years across the globe. I have been in two wars, Afghanistan and most recently, in Mosul, Iraq in the fight against ISIS, Africa, the America’s and the North Pole, I just have not made it to Antarctica YET! So, I understand real-world problems. I am not sitting behind a desk preaching a narrative about change, that isn’t required. I live inside the innovation; I work my butt off and push ideas from the ground up!

Ok. But what is it, what is VR? 

It gets the label spatial computing, like strapping a computer to your face and feeling like you are inside YouTube, not just watching it. You can expect immersive, hands on interaction that enables users to literally deconstruct anatomy and walk around inside of and drift through physiology, all within a virtual environment. You can walk inside a heart, pull apart the lungs or even do advanced life support simulation with another nurse who is 1000 km’s away. I am currently helping Roma Hospital set up Australia’s first ever full VR ALS/BLS Sim lab. 

VR As technology advances and time becomes even more precious, the way we receive education must change. This was something we identified and set out to change. I didn’t want to learn off a company rep or do another in-service about a new policy that has been done to death, I had an interest in core physiology and disease, so I stepped away from the norm and looked elsewhere. In the next couple of months, I will be writing this blog to help draw out and highlight changes and developments in nursing education from simulation to nurses building themselves as a brand and COVID. Innovation is rife. It is a brave new world and I will look to capture it for you.

Just this week Bundle of Rays has been notified that we will be representing Australia as a shortlisted finalist for the Commonwealth Digital - Health Awards 2020 within 2 divisions = The HEALTH TECH category AND EDUCATION-TECH!  The finals were due to be held in GENEVA, SWITZERLAND before the UN Health assembly but due to COVID will be virtual.

Virtual is what Bundle of Rays is good at!  WooP. Absolutely amazing. Could not be more excited!  https://awards.cwcdh.org/

The Commonwealth Digital Health Awards (CWDHA) is a flagship project of the Digital Health Initiative of the Commonwealth Medical Association. The award partners in 2016 and 2017 were Microsoft® and Google® respectively. In all three editions of the awards, the judging process was managed by KPMG®

Along with this you may have seen us on the news https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=296307811639215

We have a few examples of our content on our YouTube page here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSQrKFT80d3ps6Ju-BE1sgg?view_as=subscriber

Otherwise, if you have questions about immersive technologies in Healthcare or just even want to chat about COVID, feel free to contact me through our socials. I love a good chat.

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Join an annual membership to our Educational Platform and get access to our Podcast show –“Reality”, Videos both 2D and VR and we also sell hardware and software, so you could grab yourself a headset but please BE CAREFUL, the kids might steal it for the games, haha, they are quite fun!

Just head over to https://bundleofrays.podia.com and sign up to the annual membership option with the coupon code – NPAQ 



Brad Chesham
Director / Founder
Bundle of Rays