A WIN for QLD Nurses at the Fair Work Commission

Win for QLD Nurses

We had a significant win in the Fair Work Commission recently when we won the right to represent members in the health sector despite the best efforts of the QNMU to block us.  We triumphed in the Bolton Clark decision


The QNMU with 60,000 members and a turnover of $30 million compared to our tiny membership of 5,000 and a turnover of $1.5 million don’t like competition. We are the mouse that just roared and be assured you will hear the mouse roar again and again. 

The QNMU collects around $500 per member each year whereas we collect just over $250. Our members tell us our service is better and we will never compromise our integrity - or yours.

We fight for you, and we win.

Bolton Clark exemplifies that. Here is what happened.

QNMU started a campaign to denigrate the EBA service we offered our members. Through their QNMU chief EBA negotiator Kevin Crank, asked the employers not to meet with NPAQ in the same room and at the same time as the QNMU. The Act is quite clear about this. Every bargaining agent for every employee is entitled to participate in the bargaining process at the same time. But Bolton Clark HR manager Janene Rogers aquiesed to Mr Crank when he said that the QNMU wouldn't negotiate in the same room as the NPAQ. If she was smart, we think Janene should have just said to Mr Crank that Bolton Clark were quite happy to negotiate with just the NPAQ alone and bid Mr Crank and the QNMU goodbye.  But she did not do that.

Seemingly oblivious to her employers interests and the rights of the Bolton Clark employees who didn't want to be represented by the QNMU Janene Rogers forced us to take her and her employer to the Fair Work Commission. We retained Jim Murdoch QC. Not only did we win and Bolton Clark backed down totally after spending a huge amount of money to try and deny their employees representative rights, we also have Mr Crank of QNMU on record in the Commission transcript saying that this decision would be hugely advantageous for the NPAQ because it proves that we have an equal right to represent our members as they do to represent theirs.

Bolton Clarke still haven't twigged to the damage their own actions have inflicted and Janene Rogers is still employed there overseeing the "employee culture department", but we don't expect any employer anywhere else to deny us our rights to represent you in future.