16,000 elderly died waiting for Home Care

Elderly on park bench

Here at NPAQ headquarters we were alarmed to read in the interim report of the Royal Commission in to aged care that 16,000 elderly Australians died waiting for Home Care packages.  

This is a disgrace.

Our members (and one of our executives) have told us they have elderly parents who have waited three years for a package.
We intend to highlight this failure in our submission to the Royal Commission.

We are also advocating, as a matter of urgency, the implementation of the Dutch model known as Buurtzorg (“neighbourhood care”) that provides direct and personal care to seniors in their own homes.

  • Under the model, teams of 12 nurses care for around 60 seniors who would otherwise be forced to live in hostels or nursing homes.
  • Each nurse visits around three or four patients a day. They may only drop in for a cup of tea and check-up.
  • Nurses have access to GPs, physios, occupational therapists, social workers and other allied health workers as needed.
  • Buurtzorg has a nurse ratio of 100% doing what nurses are trained to do. 

Our members tell us that they don't want a nursing home industry run by government bureaucrats. Let us keep the elderly in their own homes for as long as possible. 

And we need your help.

  • Do you have an elderly friend or relative would rather stay in their own homes and not go to a nursing home?
  • And would that person be willing to be interviewed by the media?
  • They could become our “advocates” for a Dutch-style care program here.

If you know someone please contact Graeme Haycroft via email at ghaycroft@npaaservices.org.au