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In Australia, from July 1, 2019, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission requires all organisations providing aged care services to be compliant with the new Aged Care Quality Standards. [1] These will now apply to all aged care services including residential care, home care, flexible care and services under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme.

Standard 2: For the first time, there is overt reference to advance care planning AND end of life decision making (Standard 2, requirement 3(b). This goes beyond being able to show that an organisation has a copy of a consumer’s advance care directive on file. 

There needs to be evidence that the organisation offers timely, culturally safe and appropriate conversations with the consumer and others the consumer wishes to involve.  Nurse Practitioners/Social Workers can help establish organisational systems and processes, as well as providing clinical expertise, in having these conversations, either directly or mentoring other staff (eg such as - diversional therapists, lifestyle coordinators and even volunteers).

Standard 3: Requirement 3(c) focuses on care when consumers are ‘nearing the end of life’. Palliative Care and ‘End of Life’ in terms of whether this is the last days, week are not defined in the Standards or Guidance materials. The requirement states ‘the needs, goals and preferences of consumers nearing the end of life are recognised and addressed, their comfort maximised and their dignity preserved’. Organisations need to reflect on how they work with others outside the service such as palliative care specialists to improve the consumer’s end of life care.”

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