Beating Burnout in Midwifery Seminar

Beating Burnout in Midwifery Seminar

2-Day Seminar For All Midwives

Why Attend

Are you feeling overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted? Are you struggling to gain the satisfaction you once received from practicing as a midwife? You are not alone if you are experiencing feelings of stress, burnout, and even compassion fatigue. This special seminar is designed to explore the causes and conditions that can lead to burnout in midwives and offers strategies and techniques to reduce burnout. Topics include:

  • How to counteract the impact of cumulative stress and vicarious trauma
  • Managing birthing expectations
  • The role that power, control, and politics play in midwifery
  • Managing the perception of medicolegal risk
  • How compassion for self and others can enhance the therapeutic relationship and decrease burnout
  • Tips for building psychological safety in your team and much, much more…
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Need for Program

High levels of emotional exhaustion, a decreasing sense of achievement, and subsequent depersonalisation are sadly affecting many health professionals. Midwives are reporting feelings of stress, burnout, and even compassion fatigue. Professional costs include decreased staff morale, increased sick leave, with lower levels of satisfaction among midwives and those in their care. In order to address the current impact of burnout in midwifery, there is a need for an educational program to unpack the causes and offer strategies to develop the resilience required to prevent these insidious professional threats from occurring.

Purpose of Program

To provide midwives with knowledge and skills to reduce stress and burnout, and to increase personal wellness, job satisfaction, and psychological safety in the workplace, ultimately enhancing women and family-centred approaches to maternity care.

Your Learning Outcomes

  • Gain further insight into the factors that cause cumulative stress amongst midwives, which will assist with early recognition and prevention of burnout
  • Be able to apply a trauma-informed approach to maternity care
  • Improve the therapeutic relationship with the woman, her partner, and the newborn baby, resulting in a reduction in compassion fatigue
  • Have a toolbox of practical strategies to assist you to gain greater satisfaction from work and the ability to leave it behind when you go home




More Info...

December 09, 2019 at 9am - December 10, 2019
Mercure Hotel Brisbane
85-87 N Quay
Brisbane, QLD 4000
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