Become a workplace coach

Leadership skills in any occupation drive change. But in the nursing profession, leadership skills are vital to patient care and advocacy, regardless of your title or position. Are you ready to step up and stand out, taking your leadership skills to the next level?

Become a workplace coach

Coaching skills are vital to every professional. Whether you are a nurse manager, a registered nurse working in Aged Care and leading aged care workers, or a nurse providing care to and advocating for your patients. Coaching skills are essential!

In this course we look into ways coaching skills can be applied in your workplace, and what the benefits are of using workplace coaching in day to day practice. We focus on you as a workplace coach, as you are your own most powerful coaching tool. During the day we look at various coaching models and explore ways to build a coaching culture in your team. It will be an active day in which you will practice your coaching skills and be challenged to try out new techniques, ultimately expanding your coaching toolbox.

What is workplace coaching?

  • The difference between coaching, mentoring, supervision
  • Why coaching skills are so important in a workplace
  • The latest research on coaching and coaching skills

You as a workplace coach

  • The most powerful tool while coaching: you
    • Starting point: judgement vs curiosity
    • Be aware: your own beliefs, stereotypes, strengths and pitfalls
  • Coaching techniques

Coaching models

  • Positive psychology
  • Solution and problem focused coaching approach

Building a coaching culture in your team

  • Coaching and employee engagement
  • Coaching and change management

We will end the day by finalising your own workplace coaching development action plan that you have created. This action plan enables you to transfer all your learnings to your workplace, and make you stand up and stand out, as the workplace coach you are!

ACN Leadership courses are interactive and challenging. We teach knowledge through concepts, theories and latest research. We develop new skills through experimental learning and put freshly acquired knowledge into practice. We help you transfer your learnings into your workplace through practical action planning. Be ready to take this adventure…you will be challenged!


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November 12, 2019 at 9am - 6pm
TBA - Toowoomba