Being a Nurse has taught me ...

Nurse with patient NPAQ

Nursing is not an easy gig and recently we asked our Facebook fans what being a nurse has taught you? Below are some of the responses we received.

If you are thinking about a nursing career, currently studying or struggling with your current role we hope that these might give you some insight and some even a chuckle.

"You can’t judge a book by its cover, but if it reads anything about med-surg and pathophysiology; you will cry"

"Nurses are cannibals"

"Life is important, take advantage of it before you become bedridden"

"Trust yourself and be the best person you can be, others are depending on you"

"Uni degree doesn’t teach nursing “Hospital based” training does."

"Hospital based training - and you will soon learn if you are cut out too be a nurse – not have to wait until 3 years later."

"Try not to breathe through your nose too often."

"Always assume a bedpan or bottle is full"

"The elderly will always need toileting in the middle of a crisis."

"The patient from the nursing home will want to go walkies when your on your dinner break."

"No matter how far into your career you are, there's always the chance of making an error."

"Conventional wisdom is secondary to political expediency and secondary to the almighty dollar."

"Trust your gut!"

"You need to be born a nurse" 

"Laughter gets you through hard times and makes sad things tolerable."

"Nursing offers many different opportunities and experiences… when I started hospital training, back in the day, I never imagined where my 42 year career would end. It was an amazing journey with some wonderful professional, caring and inspirational leaders and colleagues... amazing families that we cared for and walked alongside .... so blessed."

"Always treat each patient as your loved one. The rewards in nursing are not measured by $ but by the incredible experiences you have with patients at their most vulnerable - it’s truly a great honour"

"You’re never too old to learn and from the newest member of the team through to the oldest."

"Time management"

"All people are equal"roles of nursing

"Love is everything"

"In helping others we forget our self"

"Our bodies have amazing healing qualities"

"Out mind body connection is valid after seeing people expecting to be healed, healed and people anxious and doubting having adverse consequences."

"Caring is a fulfilling profession"

"From novice to expert is an incredible journey and novice can learn from expert and expert can learn from novice."

"Ones clients become family and professional love/caring is a deep connection between nurse and client that helps the healing process."

"Finding the professional teamwork in sync, provided egos are contained."

"We are all craving the same thing. - connection with others and to be of significance to someone."

"You can't teach compassion from a "text book", Nurse's are born not made ❤"

"To live life and what will be will be..."

"True connections to others are the most important and my family is my 💜"

"You don’t stop learning..."

"The most important thing is the relationships we have with the people in our lives."