Building Rapport with Children

Building Rapport with Children

An introduction to incorporating child play as a communication tool into healthcare #nurses #paediatrics

27 October - 3 November 2019

02 6674 2577 [email protected]

This Travel CPD Conference is brought to you in partnership with Education at Sea. The focus of the Conference is developing your clinical play skills to effectively communicate and interact with children in your care, so that the children and their parents feel less anxious and more confident in the provision of their individualised health care plan.

All Nurses see paediatric clients at some time and no matter what area of Nursing you work in (e.g. Acute Care, A&E, ICU, Theatre, Medical Imaging or Paediatrics) you are going to come across children who are unable or unwilling to communicate like an adult patient can.

If you can learn to talk and play, then you exponentially increase your literacy skills so you can communicate to children and adults in creative, playful yet effective ways. To do this you will need to learn about how children develop sequentially and holistically.

October 27, 2019 at 9am - November 04, 2019
Norwegain Bliss