Children: Rashes and Infections Seminar

2-Day Seminar: Fever in Children; Describing Rashes; Non-Infectious Diseases; Immunisation; Neurological Infections; Genito-Urinary Infections; Respiratory Tract Infections and Much, Much More...

Why Attend

The assessment and management of a child with a rash, infection, or febrile illness is often not well understood and can be especially challenging. This seminar will provide nurses, and others who care for children, with the knowledge to assist in determining what may be causing a child’s rash, and how to manage any associated conditions.

Additionally, this interactive program will allow nurses to differentiate common, mild, and more serious infections that occur in children, and the assessment and ongoing management required. Case studies are included throughout the two-day program, involving conditions such as infectious rashes, non-infectious rashes, respiratory infections, neurological infections, and many more.

If you work with children regularly, or you are occasionally required to care for them, you will find this seminar to be essential learning. This seminar and this educator have been consistently highly evaluated and registrations are high, so book early to ensure your place.

Need for Program

No matter where nurses work, at some stage they are likely to be asked: “What infection or rash is that?” Many nurses have a good understanding of the infectious diseases and rashes that present in adulthood. However, childhood infections may not be so well understood. This program explains and discusses the conditions that cause childhood infections and rashes. It will be useful to a diverse range of nurses, assisting them in the early identification and care of sick children.

Purpose of Program

This program provides nurses with continuing professional development that examines and explains childhood infections and rashes. It will discuss different types of infections and rashes, including how to assess the child, and how to administer and prioritise best-practice nursing care.

Your Learning Outcomes

  1. Assess and identify the different types of childhood rashes and their related nursing care
  2. Distinguish the characteristics of the most serious rashes and conditions
  3. Examine a range of infectious diseases in infants and children and their associated nursing management
  4. Outline best practice in management of fever and febrile convulsions in children

More Info:

October 24, 2019 at 8am - October 25, 2019
Mecure Hotel Brisbane
87 N Quay
Brisbane, QLD 4000
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