Chronic Wounds – Best Practice Management

Over 433,000 Australians suffer from chronic wounds and at least 2.6 billion dollars a year is spent on treatment strategies. Chronic wounds are debilitating for patients and are resource intensive for healthcare services.

The Nurses for Nurses Network has created a nine-module Nursing Wound Management Program that provides the Nurse with the skill and knowledge to assess, plan, and manage wounds in the clinical setting to achieve the best possible outcome for the client. The content of each module stands alone as a continuing professional development (CPD) activity and the completion of each module will be awarded a CPD Certificate as evidence of the education activity. We have created this program so that the modules do not have to be completed in order.

In this module, we will discover the most common types of chronic wounds along with the aetiology, assessment, and best practice wound care recommendations. We will provide tips to apply to your decision making when choosing wound care products that are appropriate for each wound type.

Please Note: A pre-recorded webinar, The Physiology of Wound Healing and the Identification and Categorisation of Wounds will be provided in the Online Library for your review prior to the commencement of this seminar.

Module Learning Outcomes:

  • Explore the types of chronic wounds
  • Investigate the aetiology of arterial and venous ulcers and review management and care planning strategies
  • Consider the aetiology of mixed ulcers and review management and care planning strategies
  • Gain an understanding of product selection – acknowledging that there are over 3000 products available to choose from

Topics Covered:

  • The Types of Chronic Wounds
  • Arterial Ulcers – Aetiology, management, and care planning 
  • Venous Ulcers – Aetiology, management, and care planning 
  • Mixed Ulcers – Aetiology, management, and care planning 
  • Demystifying 3000 + Wound Care Products
  • Real World Wounds to Solve!

What's included in your registration costs:

  • An education program based on current best practice information
  • A Presenter that is a recognised expert in the field and is excited to be able to share their skill, knowledge, and passion with program Attendees
  • An online library to provide you with information and sessions of interest prior to the commencement of the program
  • Editable electronic note pages that can be downloaded to your device of choice or printed, whichever you choose
  • A satchel that includes a notepad, pen, lanyard, and additional information to support a fantastic education experience
  • A Certificate of Completion identifying the CPD hours attached to the Program for you to include in your CPD Evidence Portfolio

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February 06, 2019 at 8am - February 07, 2019
Rockhampton Leagues Club
1 Cambridge St
NOrman Gardens
Rockhampton 4701
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