Clinical Deterioration - Identify, Assess, Prevent Seminar

2-Day Seminar for Nurses

Why Attend

There is a significant potential for patients across any clinical setting to rapidly become unwell. Recent system changes have been rolled out to encourage better management of clinical deterioration. However, your ability to recognise and respond to changes in a patient’s condition early is a high priority if acute illness is to be averted. Attend this two-day seminar to gain knowledge that will help you to feel more confident that your essential assessment skills and early nursing management can detect early cues and prevent poor patient outcomes. Learn about:

  • The power of assessment when your patient is deteriorating
  • How to recognise sepsis early
  • Warning signs of acute kidney injury
  • How to recognise acute respiratory failure including basic CXR interpretation
  • Tips for recognising common arrhythmias and electrolyte imbalances
  • How to perform a basic interpretation of arterial blood gases
  • The power of communication when things don’t go to plan…

Attend this seminar if you are a nurse working in a general clinical setting and want to improve your ability to identify and manage patients whose clinical condition is deteriorating.

Need for Program

Growing numbers of high acuity patients are increasingly being cared for across a wide range of clinical settings, not just in acute care units such as intensive care units. The more acutely unwell a person is, the greater the risk of poor patient outcomes, including increased morbidity and mortality. Nurses are essential to the prevention, early detection, and management of the developing problems that can increase morbidity and mortality. The ability to recognise and interpret clinical cues and then implement appropriate, evidence-based interventions in a timely manner has a significant positive impact on patient outcomes. Therefore, nurses must continually increase their knowledge to ensure they are sufficiently educated to care for patients at risk of deterioration and prevent them from becoming acutely unwell.

Purpose of Program

This seminar enables nurses working in general areas to feel more confident in their knowledge and ability to assess and manage patients whose clinical condition is deteriorating.

Your Learning Outcomes

  1. Relate pathophysiological principles that occur in acutely ill patients in order to prioritise assessment in a patient who is deteriorating
  2. Correlate clinical assessment findings with pathophysiological processes occurring across a range of body systems
  3. Apply a range of appropriate and timely evidence-based nursing interventions for a person who is acutely ill and whose condition is deteriorating
  4. Recognise and respond to early signs of sepsis by implementing evidence-based interventions and thereby improve patient outcomes

More Info -

October 21, 2019 at 8am - October 22, 2019
Oaks Calypso Plaza
99 Griffith St
Gold Coast, QLD 4225
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