Concerns about Covid-19 Management

Covid Support Requests

NPAQ has seen a spike in support requests since March 2020 with nurses growing concerns about the Government's management of Covid-19.  


Studies show that healthcare workers are more likely to be infected by the coronavirus than the general population.  NPAQ has been consistently engaged in advocating the Government and Hospital Management about the risks facing nurses including the shortage of PPE stocks and non-existent fit testing in some locations.  Our team went into battle for the Rockhampton nurse who was hung out to dry by our government when she contracted Coronavirus and has since been cleared of any wrongdoing. 

Many healthcare workers feel that their employers and government systems that are meant to protect them, don’t have their best interests as a priority.  This has been demonstrated by a lack of PPE, delaying pay rises, staff shortages and delayed EB negotiations.

NPAQ is pushing for safety in the workplace to be a higher priority and a system that allows us to work together to improve the nursing profession and the healthcare system.

If you have concerns or issues arise in your workplace, please contact us immediately.