COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-out


Nurses who hold the “Nurse Immuniser Authorisation Certificate” will lead the way in administering COVID-19 Vaccine throughout Australia.  

NPAQ is however concerned that there are not currently enough qualified nurses and the responsibility will fall back on GP’s and General Practice Nurses.  This will of course provide huge delays in everyday GP healthcare and inevitably put pressure back on our hospital emergency departments.  

State/territory and federal health authorities are currently devising a plan for managing expressions of interest (EOI) from general practices interested in administering the vaccine. Participating general practices will need to complete mandatory training.  

This is also evident by the growing numbers of nurse immuniser positions in QLD currently being advertised on SEEK

COVID-19 Vaccination Training Program

With these opportunities, we remind nurses entering into new employment contracts to ensure they have PI Insurance and join NPAQ for their own protection, especially if concerned about your safety and workplace rights.  

At a minimum, your employment contract should contain the following;

  • Maximum weekly hours 
  • Requests for flexible working arrangements
  • Parental leave and related entitlements
  • Annual leave
  • Personal/carer's leave, compassionate leave and unpaid family and domestic violence leave
  • Community service leave
  • Long service leave
  • Public holidays
  • Notice of termination and redundancy pay
  • Fair Work Information Statement

Before entering into an employment contract, please ensure that you;

  • Read the agreement from front to back. 
  • Ensure you understand what it contains.
  • Ask questions if something is unclear.
  • Contact us if you have any concerns