Day Surgery Nursing and Minor Procedures Seminar

Day Surgery Nursing and Minor Procedures Seminar

Two-Day Seminar

Why Attend

Do you work in a day procedure unit or a clinic where minor procedures are performed? Attend this seminar for a comprehensive update on this specific area of nursing. It includes:

  • Review of different types of anaesthetic agents and intraoperative monitoring
  • What’s new in infection prevention and control
  • The patient’s decision to have surgery and education
  • Pre-admission clinic and opportunities for discharge planning
  • Gaining confidence on how to safely manage a surgical complication or emergency situation
  • Understanding crisis management

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Need for Program

Patient safety in fast-paced day surgery units or practices where minor procedures are performed is reliant on a sound knowledge base of nurses and other health professionals. As the main point of contact with the patients, and to facilitate positive outcomes, nurses must ensure patients are correctly assessmed before a procedure, including identification of risk factors and legal issues, and are adequately informed.

Purpose of Program

The purpose of this seminar is to expand and update your knowledge and skills relating to caring for a person undergoing day surgery or minor procedures.

Your Learning Outcomes

  • Describe modern day procedure for nursing practice in Australia, including the various nursing roles and skills required to practise safely in this setting
  • Perform a pre-evaluation risk analysis and implement strategies to ensure patients are well-informed about potential risk factors
  • Apply skills in anaesthetic monitoring, infection prevention, and aseptic technique to your practice to reduce the risk of complications and improve patient safety
  • Understand how the law interprets issues such as duty of care and negligence in a day procedure setting and use this knowledge to safeguard your practice


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August 27, 2020 at 8am - August 28, 2020
Hotel Ibis Brisbane
27 35 Turbot St
Brisbane, QLD 4000
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