Defusing Difficult Staff Behaviours Seminar

Defusing Difficult Staff Behaviours Seminar

2 Day Seminar: Positive Behaviour Management, Motivating Others and Dealing with Conflict


Disruptive behaviours in the healthcare environment increase risk by interfering with the provision of safe patient care. This popular program explores this issue and teaches strategies to deal with a range of disruptive and difficult behaviours. In what can often be a stressful and fast-paced environment, where communication problems, anxiety, and stress can manifest as difficult behaviours that, if not managed skillfully, can escalate to conflict and even aggression. In many workplaces, there is conflict between coworkers, with manipulative or domineering behaviours leading to communication breakdown. Learn skills to identify the triggers and defuse these behaviours before they escalate. This two-day seminar includes topics such as human behaviour, communication, aggression management, and defusing difficult situations when they arise with patients, visitors, and staff. This is an essential learning experience for everyone that works in health care.

Need for Program

A positive approach to defusing difficult or disruptive behaviours is essential in healthcare settings, where individuals, including staff, patients, and visitors, may be under extraordinary or extreme stress. While many courses focus primarily on aggression management, this seminar covers the early interventions that may defuse disruptive situations early and prevent escalation. You will also learn how to deal with conflict and aggression and how to improve your communication skills in challenging situations.

Purpose of Program

Defusing Difficult Staff Behaviours is a two-day seminar designed to enhance your skills in defusing difficult behaviours, managing conflict, and preventing and dealing with aggression. Participants will learn about communication, human behaviour, and behavioural influences. This seminar relates to managing the behaviour of co-workers, patients, visitors, and anyone behaving in a disruptive or difficult manner.

Your Learning Outcomes

  • Examine your understanding of human behaviour to increase your insight into disruptive behaviours
  • Determine the most significant behavioural influences that may lead to disruptive behaviours
  • Evaluate and expand your skills in managing behavioural issues with staff, patients, and visitors
  • Develop solution-focused communication skills for defusing conflict, aggression, and disruptive behaviour


More Info:

January 31, 2019 at 8am - February 01, 2019
Hotel Ibis Brisbane
35 Turbot St
Brisbane 4000
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