Did you know you share something in common with organ and tissue donor families? Both
you and an organ and tissue donor family have made the decision to save lives. One day you
might not just be saving lives through your nursing, you might also be in the position to save
lives as a donor or donor family.

Barb Alexander, an RN from Holy Spirit Northside, never imagined she would one day be
asked to make a lifesaving organ donation decision, but that day did come when her brother
unexpectedly passed away. “I have received a heartfelt letter from one recipient. The joy
she expressed and the joy I felt reading it, left no doubt that I had made the right decision.”
she said.

“Thousands of Queenslanders are living their lives to the fullest because of the generosity of
organ donors and their families,” said DonateLife Queensland State Manager Tina Coco.
“We’d like to bring this same joy to many other Queenslanders still waiting for their organ
transplant and a second chance at a healthy life.”

“Although three out of four Queenslander’s say they are willing to become a donor, less
than one in four have registered.”

DonateLife Week (July 29 – August 5) is a great time for all Australians to get the facts about
organ and tissue donation, join the Donor Register, and share their donation decision with
family and friends.

Registering to be an organ and tissue donor is now quick and easy, grab your Medicare card
and go to – a minute of your time could one day save
many lives.

“Remember to have the chat with your loved ones so they know your decision, and to find
out if they are willing to one day be an organ and tissue donor,” Tina said.
“Registering is important because it leaves your family in no doubt of your choice and nearly
all families proceed with donation if their loved one is registered.” said Barb.

July 22, 2018 at 8am - August 04, 2018

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