Drug Fuelled Patients Threaten Nurses and Doctors


‘Superhuman strength’ 

ANTONIA O’FLAHERTY, The Courier-Mail January 23, 2019 8:08am

It comes after The Courier-Mail reported calls from the Nurses Professional Association of Queensland (NPAQ) for paramilitary-style hospital security, where highly trained security guards would be brought in to protect doctors and nurses from violent assaults at one of Queensland’s biggest hospitals.

Highly trained security guards to protect doctors, nurses at Princess Alexandra Hospital

Security ramped up for Logan Hospital staff

Ramping gets worse at QLD hospitals

However, there are still calls for hospitals to make a long-term commit to “adequate” security.

NPAQ Spokesman Jack McGuire said not only were the lives of nurses and doctors lives at risk because of violent patients, but patient care was also suffering because security wasn’t up to scratch.

“Without having adequate security your patient care suffers because you’ve got nurses at home recovering from assault,” Mr McGuire said.

He said as one example, nurses were left to deal with drug-fuelled patients who are seen as having “almost superhuman strength”, which would normally need multiple police officers to restrain them outside of hospitals.

“They’re (security) sort of the more shopping centre security style that you would see walking around patrolling a food court,” Mr McGuire said on ABC radio after The Courier-Mail’s story.

“So when they’re presented with a seriously violent patient, it’s the nurses unfortunately that need to pick up the slack, and they end up getting into some pretty hairy situations.”

He said while the evidence was colloquial, member nurses had told the professional union that dealing with abusive and violent patients was a regular occurrence at Princess Alexandra hospital.


Originally published by the Courier Mail at https://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/superhuman-strength-drugfuelled-patients-threatening-doctors-and-nurses/news-story/



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