Enterprise Agreement Negotiations - A collaborative Approach

In addition to the 8 workplaces we listed last month where we are currently involved in negotiations we can now add two more.

If you have recently received notification (Notice of Employee Representational Rights – NERR) that your Enterprise Agreement negotiating is underway please email us at [email protected]


Additionally, in response to members claims that they often felt left out of the negotiating process, we have made a move to use social media to deliver a collaborative approach.

For the current negotiations, we have created private Facebook Groups where members can discuss the old EBA, new conditions they'd like to see and even expected pay rate increases.

• Healthscope    • St Vincent's Health Group     • Ozcare     • Mater Group     • UnitingCare     • Icon Cancer Care

Here we will gather and discuss information which forms the basis of the negotiations made on your behalf. We will also be able to keep you up to date with what your employer has or hasn't agreed to and recommendations as to whether you should vote in favour of a proposed agreement or not.

If you work for one of the above employers, your enterprise bargaining us underway:

  • You should have received an invitation by email to join the private Facebook group

  • Post your thoughts on claims, comment on other posts and invite your colleagues - even if they are not NPAQ members.

If not:

  • Locate your Facebook Group ‘NPAQ {Employer name] Enterprise Bargaining Group’ and join
  • OR email [email protected] and let us know so we can help you out.

Please note: You will not miss out if you are not a Facebook user - we will contact you via email or text message to let you know how things are tracking.