Enterprise Agreement Representation

Many members have asked us to explain the basis of our representation of our members. They have been told by the QNMU that only the QNMU can represent employees. We don’t blame the QNMU for saying that; if we had a monopoly and suddenly a new competitor which charges half as much and does the job twice as well came into the field then we might be tempted to tell “porkies” too. But the truth is that in the private sector, under federal law, it is black and white. There are no shades of grey. We have the same representational rights as the QNMU. The only thing that is different is that at least one person in each workplace has to appoint us in writing. Once that is done, we are equal in every respect. We are now bargaining on behalf of members across many Enterprise Agreements and doing it better than the QNMU.

The situation with Qld Health is more complicated. We are going to need your help to fight this. The Qld Labor Government, who are huge beneficiaries of QNMU members' funds to the tune of probably $200 per member per year in indirect support, have tried to exclude us – but they did not succeed!

The United Nations conventions support our position and we will be looking for the support of all of our Qld Health members to help us take on the government over this matter. The main reason we are half the price of the QNMU is that we don’t and won’t spend your money on political causes. So don’t worry, unlike the QNMU, we won’t be using your funds to fight our battles, but with your support we will win and we will revolutionise how members are represented during enterprise bargaining.

Imagine members having a real say instead of being ignored by union officials? 

Read more, the Guiding Principles of Representation from our legal team.