Below we list events that may be of interest to our members:


  • Thursday, August 13, 2020 at 08:00 AM through August 14, 2020
    Hotel Ibis Brisbane in Brisbane, Australia

    Mental Health Crisis: Practical Responses Seminar

    Why Attend

    Every year, an estimated one in five Australians will experience a mental health disorder, and some of them will go through a mental health crisis. These people will pass through the healthcare system and you may encounter them, even if you do not work in a mental health care setting. Will you be ready to respond to their health needs? Attend this seminar to make a difference in your practice. Learn about:

    • What is a mental health crisis?
    • How can we help someone deal with a panic attack?
    • What is the role of a crisis plan?
    • How can we respond to patients if their crisis involves a suicide risk?
    • Is there a difference between severe psychotic episodes and psychosis?
    • And much more...

    Need for Program

    Every year, many Australians experience a mental health crisis. A lot of them may present to healthcare professionals who do not have a mental health background and who may be under-equipped to respond. Because of this, there is a need for nurses and other healthcare professionals to identify and clearly understand mental health crises and to update their knowledge on the best way to manage a person with these conditions.

    Purpose of Program

    This program aims to provide nurses and other healthcare professionals with up-to-date education about mental illness that relates to mental health crises of different causes and presentations and how to respond to them.

    Your Learning Outcomes

    • Confidently perform mental health assessments
    • Understand the different causes of mental health crises and outline the best way to respond to them using practical methods
    • Develop therapeutic relationships when caring for those going through a mental health crisis
    • Support carers of individuals going through a mental health crisis


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  • Monday, August 17, 2020 at 08:00 AM through August 18, 2020
    Mecure Hotel Brisbane in Brisbane, Australia

    Midwifery and the Law Seminar

    Why Attend

    Potential risks manifest in all areas of health care, including obstetrics and within midwifery practice. Do you have informed knowledge about the modern legal and professional aspects of midwifery? Attend this seminar to gain a comprehensive update on the following topics. It includes:

    • Laws relating to midwifery, including documentation and duty of care
    • Prescribing, Medicare and professional indemnity insurance
    • Refusing treatment during pregnancy
    • The legal status of an unborn child
    • The rights of fathers and grandfathers
    • What it means to be regulated - meeting registration standards
    • How social media can be used safely
    • Appearing in the Coroners Court - your role in providing evidence

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    Need for Program

    Midwives are regulated health professionals who are required to practice in accordance with legislation and common law specific to midwifery and the broader healthcare context. They are accountable and responsible for their own actions within their practice. Knowing the underpinning legal and professional regulatory guides is essential for competent midwifery practice and the safety of women and babies in their care.

    Purpose of Program

    The purpose of this seminar is to provide midwives with a forum to review and learn about contemporary professional and regulatory issues that affect their practice.

    Your Learning Outcomes

    • Reflect on the laws relevant to the profession and practice of midwifery
    • Review current professional issues affecting midwives, including professional frameworks for competent practice
    • Explore concepts of negligence, liability and professional indemnity as they apply to midwives
    • Discuss the processes that occur when an untoward event takes place within a midwifery context



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  • Thursday, August 20, 2020 at 08:00 AM through August 21, 2020
    Burke and Wills in Toowoomba, Australia

    Wound Management: A Practical Guide Seminar - Toowoomba

    Why Attend

    Ausmed's Wound Management Seminar is an essential and very popular course for healthcare professionals, including nurses, general practitioners, podiatrists, pharmacists, and occupational therapists. It is based on the latest evidence for effective wound management. You will learn:

    • A strong focus on the foundation principles of wound management
    • How to incorporate a patient-centred approach to care
    • How to assess and manage chronic and acute wounds
    • Dressing selection, compression therapy, and bandaging

    Ausmed has a long-standing track record of educating thousands of nurses and other health practitioners across Australia on this topic. Our experienced presenters are popular and extremely adept educators who are consistently very highly evaluated. Don’t miss out – book now!

    Need for Program

    Nearly half a million Australians are affected by wounds in some way. It is predicted that the prevalence and cost of wound care will rise over the next few years because of the ageing population. Comprehensive assessment guides treatment, and knowledge of the foundation principles of wound care is essential. Additionally, new wound dressing products are becoming increasingly sophisticated. If best patient outcomes are to be achieved, applying evidenced wound management is essential.

    Purpose of Program

    The purpose of this program is to provide health professionals with up-to-date information, tools, and strategies for best-practice wound management.

    Your Learning Outcomes

    • Build an understanding of the physiology and pathophysiology of wounds with factors that impact on healing
    • Use a systematic approach for assessing a patient and their wound to guide appropriate care
    • Describe an appropriate management plan, including dressings, taking into account patient considerations and the pathophysiology of the wound
    • Gain confidence in the management of a person with a wound and advocate for best-practice care



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  • Thursday, August 27, 2020 at 08:00 AM through August 28, 2020
    Hotel Ibis Brisbane in Brisbane, Australia

    Day Surgery Nursing and Minor Procedures Seminar

    Day Surgery Nursing and Minor Procedures Seminar

    Two-Day Seminar

    Why Attend

    Do you work in a day procedure unit or a clinic where minor procedures are performed? Attend this seminar for a comprehensive update on this specific area of nursing. It includes:

    • Review of different types of anaesthetic agents and intraoperative monitoring
    • What’s new in infection prevention and control
    • The patient’s decision to have surgery and education
    • Pre-admission clinic and opportunities for discharge planning
    • Gaining confidence on how to safely manage a surgical complication or emergency situation
    • Understanding crisis management

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    Need for Program

    Patient safety in fast-paced day surgery units or practices where minor procedures are performed is reliant on a sound knowledge base of nurses and other health professionals. As the main point of contact with the patients, and to facilitate positive outcomes, nurses must ensure patients are correctly assessmed before a procedure, including identification of risk factors and legal issues, and are adequately informed.

    Purpose of Program

    The purpose of this seminar is to expand and update your knowledge and skills relating to caring for a person undergoing day surgery or minor procedures.

    Your Learning Outcomes

    • Describe modern day procedure for nursing practice in Australia, including the various nursing roles and skills required to practise safely in this setting
    • Perform a pre-evaluation risk analysis and implement strategies to ensure patients are well-informed about potential risk factors
    • Apply skills in anaesthetic monitoring, infection prevention, and aseptic technique to your practice to reduce the risk of complications and improve patient safety
    • Understand how the law interprets issues such as duty of care and negligence in a day procedure setting and use this knowledge to safeguard your practice


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  • Thursday, September 17, 2020 at 08:00 AM through September 27, 2020
    Cruise - Carnival Splendor

    The Legal Implications of Nursing Practice


    24 CPD Hours

    The law is held up to Nurses as a big stick that is used to create an environment of fear. What you will find in this conference is the knowledge and skill required to navigate the legal implications of the workplace and practice with certainty.

    Dr Pam Savage has a formidable reputation, as a Registered Nurse and Barrister, in her ability to translate the legal ramifications of health service delivery to the practical application in the Nursing setting.

    Learning Outcomes
    • Assess how the legal system influences the provision of health services and professional practice in Australia through health care legislation and common law.
    • Analyse aspects of health practice and policy from an ethical and legal standpoint.
    • Discuss how various laws, professional standards, and legislative requirements are incorporated into daily nursing practice.
    • Apply legal and professional standards to situations in order to make safe and effective decisions for safe practice

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  • Thursday, September 17, 2020 at 08:00 AM through September 26, 2020

    The General Patient with Cardiac Deterioration

    Welcome – we hope you enjoy exploring the Conference information below. If you would like to secure your place or have any further questions please complete the enquiry form or call Education at Sea on 02 6674 2577.

    This Conference will focus on cardiac assessment, and management of a patient deteriorating with a cardiac complication. It will include exploration of the role of the Nurse and or Paramedic in cardiac disease management as well as examining the Nurse’s role in the assessment of the deterioration of a patient in a surgical ward and or medical ward from cardiac complications from diagnosis through to advocacy. The content of the Conference applies also to the Nurse in the community setting with assessment of a patient deteriorating with cardiac disorders such as heart failure. 

    This conference is applicable to every area of Nursing, from the acute setting in the emergency department, to the ward Nurse managing a patient with cardiac complications. Cardiac disorders are increasing and are considered one of the most common disorders affecting all ages. All Nurses must have advanced knowledge of the red flags and associated clinical presentation of a patient deteriorating with a cardiac complication regardless of the primary condition of their admission. 

    Learning Outcomes

    • Explore the skills required to recognise and undertake clinical assessment of the patient with Cardiac complications inclusive of ecg interpretation of myocardial infarction and sudden cardiac death.
    • Review a variety of clinical conditions relating to cardiac disease and disorders.
    • Discuss cardiac disorders affecting young adults through to the older adult.
    • Discover how to apply critical thinking via a scenario-based teaching approach. Gain assertiveness skills to enhance effective communication, and timely intervention, within the healthcare team.

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  • Friday, September 18, 2020 at 09:00 AM

    Change Management for Nurse Managers

    Change management is the process of transitioning an organisation or staff to a planned future e.g. policy and procedure, roster pattern etc. It requires a structured approach to help align the staff with the change. This workshop will provide you with the tools to implement change within your team.
    Leadership skills in any occupation drive change. But in the nursing profession, leadership skills are vital to patient care and advocacy, regardless of your title or position. Are you ready to step up and stand out, taking your leadership skills to the next level?

    Change management is the process of transitioning an organisation or staff to a planned future e.g. policy and procedure, roster pattern etc. It requires a structured approach to help align the staff with the change.

    In its simplest form, change management involves helping teams to understand what the change means for them, and helping them make and sustain the transition while working to overcome any challenges involved. From a management perspective, it involves the organisational and behavioural adjustments that need to be made to accommodate and maintain change.

    Successful change also requires staff to adapt to and work effectively in the changed environment. If staff understand the benefits of change, they are more likely to willingly participate in the change.

    To make change happen, you need to:

    • Have a clear vision – communicate to staff why the change is too occur.
    • Model the way –action plan, timeframe, review plans with staff.
    • Have pressure for change – state the urgency, timeframe to work towards for implementation.
    • Have capacity for change – resources required, staffing profiles, roster pattern.
    • Formulate actionable first steps – gap analysis
    • Reinforce and consolidate – follow up with staff regarding the change, feedback and issues.

    Leaders beliefs and behaviour are crucial when they lead change, both for themselves and their staff.

    ACN Leadership courses are interactive and challenging. We teach knowledge through concepts, theories and latest research. We develop new skills through experimental learning and put freshly acquired knowledge into practice. We help you transfer your learnings into your workplace through practical action planning. Be ready to take this adventure…you will be challenged!


  • Thursday, October 08, 2020 at 05:30 PM
    TBA in Brisbane, Australia

    Celebrate 2020 Roadshow - Brisbane

    Celebrating Nurse Champions of the Past, Present and Future.

    : free

    2020 has been declared as the official Year of the Nurse & Midwife by the World Health Organization.

    This is the first time our profession is being acknowledged on a global scale.

    Join us to celebrate this historic occasion at the ACN 2020 Year of the Nurse & Midwife Celebration Roadshow!

    This complimentary roadshow will incorporate a panel discussion on the past, present and future of the nursing profession followed by an opportunity to connect with likeminded nurses at a networking reception.

    We encourage you to bring a friend or colleague. Members and non-members are welcome.

    Registration: 5.30pm
    Panel commences: 6.00pm
    Networking and drinks: 7:00pm
    Close: 8.30pm

    The following morning we will be hosting a NurseStrong Step-a-thon. Find out more -
  • Friday, October 09, 2020 at 07:00 AM
    Coffee Anthology in Brisbane, Australia


    Join us for a 30-40-minute walk, enjoy some fresh air and connect with like-minded nurses.

    : free


    As part of ACN’s NurseStrong initiative, which supports nurses to enhance their physical, mental and emotional strength, we are holding Step-a-thon walks around the country.

    Join us for a 30-40-minute walk, enjoy some fresh air and connect with like-minded nurses.

    The first attendees to arrive will receive a free NurseStrong pedometer to keep them motivated throughout their health and well-being journey. 

    Please arrive at 7:00 am sharp for a 7:15 am start.


    You can find out more about our other NurseStrong initiatives at .


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  • Friday, October 09, 2020 at 08:00 AM through November 04, 2020
    Cruise - Norwegian Joy

    The Perioperative Patient Journey: from preoperative, operative, and post-operative.

    The Perioperative Patient Journey: from preoperative, operative, and post-operative

    Including operating theatre and surgical ward Nursing.

    This Conference will provide vital information about the care of the surgical patient – preop, operative, and postop. This will include the use of contemporary case studies as the content explores the patient journey through the operating theatre and into the surgical ward environment.

    Surgical adverse events are not uncommon. Australian research has shown that adverse surgical events were highly preventable in 47.6 per cent of cases.

    The key to preventing deaths intraoperatively and in the first 48 hours after surgery is timely, high-quality pre- and postoperative patient care.

    This Conference will enhance knowledge of the Nurse working in the operating suite (perianaesthesia and perioperative nurse) and Nurses working in the surgical ward.

    Learning Outcomes

    • To explore and more deeply understand the surgical process and how this may impact on adverse events,
    • To provide evidence-based information about the preoperative, operative, and post-operative assessment requirements to prevent poor outcomes,
    • To discuss and understand the physiology and treatment of some perioperative emergency situations
    • To come away feeling educated, empowered and realising that perioperative and Surgical Nurses are brilliant!

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