Who can join?

All employee Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Managers and Midwives can be members. AIN’s, Care Workers, Allied Health Professionals, Paramedics, Wardpersons and support staff, students (for Membership Info/Insurance for an itemised list) can join as affiliates and access all insurance covers and legal support.

How much professional indemnity insurance cover will I have?

Members: Up to $10m per claim to a maximum of $60m.
(Midwives during birthing procedure currently excluded – watch this space).
Students: Full professional indemnity insurance cover included for all unpaid training and placements.
Non-working members: Full coverage until return to work.

Will my membership fees be used for party political campaigns or fighting funds?

No and No. That’s why our membership fees are half the price.

Why did NPAQ start?

To give a choice in representation. Nurses, not the government can now choose who represents and protects them. (See our membership fees for the comparative rates).

Is Continuing Professional Development (CPD) available?

For an extra $5 per fortnight, $10 per month or $108 per annum you access the Nurses CPD Institute on-line training system through the NPAQ Dashboard.

What legal support is available?

The NPAQ legal team is the best in the business. Check the testimonials on the website. We guarantee a resolution of your issue.

Payroll Disputes and Enterprise/Agreement Bargaining.

We guarantee any work related systems, procedures or service problems will be tackled and resolved. Under Federal Law, you have the absolute right to appoint NPAQ to negotiate your Enterprise Agreement. Under State Law (QHealth) we can only assist you and your colleagues in the preparation and delivery of EB claims. Watch this space.

What if I have an issue with another NPAQ member?

Representation is provided to both parties for internal facilitation initially and if necessary the matter is referred to independent third parties.

Which member comes first, management or clinical?

Neither, all are treated equally (see above for member to member situation).

How do I resign and what happens with my direct debit?

Your resignation must be in writing, send to resign@npaq.com.au. Any membership fees paid in advance of the resignation date will be pro-rata refunded less a $25 administration fee, at the request of the member.

Is membership tax deductible?
YES! Tax invoice/Statement is emailed after 30 June.

Have we answered your question? If not please Contact Us and one of our support team will get back to you.