How are your Referrals going?

Have you noticed?   We’ve updated your Dashboard!

If you have successfully referred someone they are now listed.  When you invite one of your friends/colleagues to join their name will appear on your Dashboard with the status Pending. All going well that will change to Joined

Your Referrals Status

Pending – this status appears when you have used the Refer a Colleague feature from your Dashboard. A good reminder for a follow-up chat next time you see them.

Joined – this indicates that they have successfully joined. You would have received a referral gift into your nominated bank account or refunded to your credit card (depending on the information we hold).

What happens when we can’t make a referral match?

Every now and then a member joins and the referrer’s details do not match up to a current member. When this happens, we will email the new member and ask they check the referrer details – it may be that the name you provided is different to the name we have on record, or maybe they have not yet joined. We will send a follow-up email and if we do not hear back from you, we will assume that your referrer is not a financial member and therefore there will be no referral gift heading your way. :(

What happens when we can’t process your gift?

In the instance where your membership has been paid by way of EFT, we will email to ask how you would like to receive your gift. Your options are;

  • you can send us your bank account details,
  • we can post you a cheque, or
  • you can assign us to donate to NPAQ's preferred charity the McGrath Foundation.

We will attempt to contact you twice to see what your preference is and if we are still unsuccessful we will assign the referral gift to the charity.  Again, we will follow this up with second email the following month. If we still do not receive a reply, we will assign the referral gift to charity.

If you believe you have a referral payment outstanding please contact [email protected]