How to be a great Nurse Manager

Unlock your nursing leadership potential with this course by tapping into your vision & aligning that with the organisation's vision to deliver great nursing outcomes you feel truly proud of. In this 10 lesson program, delivere entirely online where webinars are watched at your convenience, we unpack the core components of the NUM role, from effecting change to understanding accounting. We look at the traits of the transformational leader & develop that into your nurse manager leadership style. Nurse Manager HQ's resident CPA expert, with 25 years experience in health, clears the fog of accounting jargon to build skills & confidence in analysing and interpreting financial reports. We invest in emotional intelligence, building resilience & understanding motivation theories to enable you to build strong, dynamic & integrated teams delivering excellent patient outcomes. 

 The entire program is available at $399 or you can buy most lessons individually at $50 each. It is ideally suited to both experienced nurse managers wanting to master the execution of key parts of the NUM role, but also the emerging clinical manager aspiring to secure a role in nurse management.

Once a member, you can join my Nurse Manager FaceBook community to share your leadership journey: the highs and low, frustrations and loves, so that you can build on a community of supportive nursing leaders who share their knowledge, wisdom, mistakes and learnings. Peer-to-peer learning is our greatest resource. We have a long history in nursing comraderie - let's build on that with a national group of like-minded nurse leaders through the "How to be a Great Nurse Manager" 10 lesson program.


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