How To Find Your Next Nursing Career Move

Nursing is a highly diverse profession and nurses have many transferable skills

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Nursing Career

How to Find Your Next Career Move in this busy and complex world.

It is important to set goals for yourself, including your nursing career. For example, is it time to change your nursing career path such as volunteering or go into an administrative role?  Whatever you decide to do for your next nursing career move when you are thinking about a need for a change, consider some nursing career paths that may shift a bit from the mainstream. 

Various career options require different skills sets, however, each option offers opportunities to grow personally and professionally, while continuing to share the nursing expertise skills acquired over the more traditional nursing paths.

Here are some nursing career options to consider

Home Health Nursing

Typically home health nursing works shorter hours, has less physical demands and work is on a more personal, intimate basis with your clients.  This can provide a renewed sense of meaning and purpose in your work.

Some experienced nurses may find working in home health a welcome change of pace and reflect their skills that are a good fit to meet the continuing demands for high quality, cost saving care.

Telemedicine Nursing

Telemedicine nursing is a fast growing area in Australia and other parts of the world.   This requires you are tech savvy and want to work from virtually anywhere.   Many overseas companies are setting up virtual centres in Australia.  The global healthcare market is expanding quickly and access to medicines and care is continuing to grow as they are turning to telemedicine options as a cost effective alternative method of care.

Skills needed by telemedicine nurses are a wide skill set.  This will include for example webcam triage to home visits, and acts as the first link in the health care team.  Nurses with geriatric, family practice, palliative and/or wound or ostomy care experience often work autonomously, on the front line.

Travel Nursing

Is travel nursing a good option for you.  These roles fill in during shortages at hospitals, clinics, and assignments that vary in length in different parts of the country.

There is a lot of flexibility in this career path, but the down side is you will need to build up your networks well in advance to ensure that you have continuous work.  You can work when you want, and where you want in various organisations and States depending on the assignments you take on board. Salary packages vary, though often include daily expenses such as transportation, housing and food.

Volunteer Nursing

This may not be for everyone, but an alternate altruistic nursing career path may be your interest.  This gives you the opportunity to work with those who are most in need where your knowledge and skills are in demand.

You may wish to contribute further from home and volunteer in community groups, overseas disaster response groups or closer to home working with the homeless or foster children.  Opportunities are boundless that include giving back to your community or with organisations such as the Red Cross or medical mission groups.


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