Visas relaxed for 20,000 international student nurses

International Student Nurses

On the 18th March 2020, the Prime Minister announced the relaxation of visas for 20,000 International student nurses.  What will this mean for QLD Nurses professionally? 

NPAQ has concerns and is seeking urgent clarification of the Prime Minister's statement and the implications for Registered Nurses who have legal and professional responsibilities with regard to the direction and supervision of these student nurses. 

NPAQ fully supports the education of international students in hospital and aged care sectors, however, we do not believe students should be used as “an extra pair of hands.”   This will create an extra load on registered nurses and make us less efficient.

NPAQ has concerns about the working conditions these student nurses will face, and further concerns regarding remuneration as student nurses are currently unpaid. 

NPAQ has concerns regarding the supply and distribution of PPE to all nurses regardless of where they work. We have had calls from nurses informing us that they have real concerns regarding the education of all staff in the correct use of PPE and the general supply of PPE. These concerns are heightened with the thought of student nurses being added to the workforce in this professionally challenging and unprecedented time.

NPAQ is concerned that the high professional nursing standards provided by trained Registered Nurses will be compromised under these conditions.

NPAQ has sought urgent clarification regarding the status of “International students” who may be already working as support workers. 

NPAQ notes the Prime Minister is not referring to non-international students and will be seeking clarification as to why not.

Please contact us at [email protected] with your concerns, share this with your colleagues and join us.