Keeping Afloat in Perioperative Nursing

Perioperative Nursing is a wonderful dynamic and challenging Nursing speciality. It is a team sport where medical, nursing and ancillary staff are thrust together in a team environment. When this works well it is a masterpiece to behold, however when personalities and unforeseen circumstances arise, it can be fraught with difficulties.

This conference is designed to look at evidence-based literature and a deeper understanding of the perioperative environment.

We will explore some of the possible emergency situations perioperative Nurses may face, and, provide knowledge to perform during these emergencies with confidence skill and know-how to deliver safer patient care.

Perioperative Nursing is not always taught in the undergraduate curricula thus the importance of post registration education in this specialty area cannot be overestimated. This Conference will suit both novice and experienced Perioperative Nurses.

Learning Outcomes
  • To explore and more deeply understand the perioperative environment and how this may impact on adverse events,
  • To provide evidence-based information about perioperative incidents from a case history perspective, and explore how we can prepare and prevent these occurrences,
  • To discuss and understand the physiology and treatment of some perioperative emergency situations
  • To come away feeling educated, empowered and realising that perioperative nurses are brilliant!

More Info:

July 03, 2020 at 8am - July 11, 2020
Carnival Splendor