Lady Cilento Childrens Hospital name held in trust for QLD

Jill Poulsen, The Courier-Mail November 20, 2018 

The Nurses Professional Association of Queensland said it decided to register the name following backlash from its members over the name change.

NPAQ assistant secretary Jack McGuire said registering the name would mean it could not be “hijacked”

“Should the Minister decide to reuse the name, we will provide it back free of charge,” he said.

More than 85 per cent of NPAQ members polled wanted the hospital name to remain unchanged.

“There was an overwhelming vote for the name of Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital to stay and for the money that it would cost the government to rebrand be used for resources instead,” he said.

More than 75 per cent of nurses polled said the argument used by the government that the Lady Cilento name caused confusion as to whether the hospital was private or public was a “furphy”.

“Our members could not see any of the risk that the government claimed — especially considering that it is generally ambulance staff and GPs who decide which hospital to send patients to,” Mr McGuire said.

Health Minister Steven Miles has defended the name change. Picture: AAP image/John Gass

Using an online poll the Government canvassed public opinion on changing the name to Queensland Children’s Hospital.

It found 62 per cent supported the name change, from more than 38,000 votes.

But a Nine News report earlier this week found that nearly 18,000 of the 23,000 yes votes came from the same 74 IP addresses, including four that were used to vote yes more than 1000 times, and 46 used to vote yes more than 100 times.

The Australian revealed today that 75 votes on the survey came from an IP address from Health Minister Steven Miles’s office.

Mr Miles said the government’s 18 ministerial offices shared two IP addresses.


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