Lady Cilento Name Change Survey

Survey - Lady Cilento Hospital Name Change

Health Minister, Steven Miles has come forward and flagged that he would like to change the name of the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital. He cited the opinion of some doctors he had met as the reason for the change.

We thought - why not ask nurses? If there is anyone who would know the concerns of patients more than anyone, it would be you. Hopefully you saw our survey!

Here are the results:

  • Over 75% of nurses didn’t see any risk that a patient would not want to attend Lady Cilento due to public/private confusion. There were some good points raised that it was in fact ambos and GPs who largely decide where patients go, so the issue is a bit overblown.

  • Just over 85% of nurses would rather keep the name and spend rebranding money on resources. This comes off the back of shocking images of children being treated in the Kitchen. Did you see these heartbreaking scenes in the news in recent weeks?

Nurses felt strongly about not changing the name. On a scale of 1 to 10 – 10 being very strongly against changing the name, nurses registered an 8 on average.

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