Law: Nursing Practice and Accountability Seminar

A Two-day Seminar: Duty of Care; Social Media Use and Misuse; Failure to Use Evidence: Onus of Responsibility for Clinical Decisions; Professional Boundaries: Medicines and Safety; Legal Case Studies, etc.


Safe and accountable practice requires all nurses need to be mindful of and understand the implications of their legal responsibilities. Attend this two-day seminar and find out about:

  • How does modern law affect your practice?
  • What are the legal implications of not using best available evidence in your practice?
  • How the law interprets Codes of Practice and Standards
  • How are unsafe medicine practices viewed by the law?
  • Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter: What is acceptable on social media?
  • Who is responsible for your CPD?
  • Mandatory reporting - your legal responsibility

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Need for Program

There are potential risks manifest in all areas of nursing care. Nurses have a legal and ethical duty surrounding and encompassing all that they do. Ignorance of this is not a defence. Despite this, every year nurses are involved in cases that invariably include a failure of duty of care at some level. There is a need for forums that enable nurses to debate and consider the implications of their legal responsibilities.

Purpose of Program

The purpose of this seminar is to offer nurses a forum to debate and enhance their knowledge of modern law as it affects their practice.

Your Learning Outcomes

  • Build knowledge on the accountability and the legal framework which applies to the provision of safe health care and patient outcomes
  • Analyse nursing practice events within a legal context and consider how negative outcomes are prevented
  • Identify professional nursing legal responsibilities that guide best-practice patient care

More Information can be found on Ausmed's Website


June 21, 2018 at 8:30am - June 22, 2018
Hotel Ibis Brisbane, 27 - 35 Turbot Street

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