Life Threatening Presentations

Life Threatening Presentations – Recognition and Treatment

This innovative conference is designed to provide clinicians with essential skills relating to the assessment & management of patients who are experiencing life threatening emergencies.  

The conference program will cover a variety of clinical conditions, which if not recognised & treated promptly may result in either death or significant morbidity for the patient.

This conference is designed to facilitate the application of a problem-solving approach to the assessment & management of a wide variety of patient conditions and will present the latest in research & management guidelines for each of the conditions discussed.

Topics will include Respiratory Problems – including hypoxemia and hypercarbia and tension pneumothorax, Chest x-ray interpretation, Arterial Blood Gas analysis, Shock, Anaphylaxis, Chest Pain, Drowning, Thrombolytic Therapy, Diabetic Emergencies, Acute Pulmonary Oedema, Envenomation & Stroke.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the assessment & management of the patient with respiratory problems such as hypoxaemia, hypercarbia, & tension pneumothorax
  • Describe the pathogenesis, signs & symptoms of Anaphylaxis, & the management strategies that may be employed to treat the patient
  • Describe the assessment (including signs & symptoms) & management of the patient with Diabetic decompensation with any of the following conditions; hypoglycaemia, diabetic ketoacidosis.
  • Describe the assessment & management of the patient who has been, or may have been envenomated

More Info:

October 09, 2020 at 8am - November 04, 2020
Cruise - Norwegian Joy