Mental Health: Understanding Personality Disorders Seminar

Mental Health: Understanding Personality Disorders Seminar


The challenges associated with personality disorders, and their profound impact on day-to-day practice in healthcare settings, are the basis for this program. You will learn about the definitions and types of personality disorders, and related management strategies.

This program is rich with practical skills and will contextualise some of the most difficult mental illnesses to manage. Don't miss this excellent opportunity to avail yourself with a range of new therapeutic strategies for your nursing 'tool box.'

If you have identified a professional need to improve your understanding of complex mental health conditions such as personality disorders as part of your planned learning activities, then this program will offer you an opportunity to gain continuing professional development (CPD) hours related to this topic.

Need for Program

Personality disorders manifest not only in our workplaces, but also in our personal lives, and can be very disturbing and difficult to manage. Have you ever met someone who was superficially charismatic and charming, only to realise you had been manipulated? Such behaviours can cause disruption in the workplace for staff caring for, or working with, people who have these conditions. There is a need for nurses to identify and clearly understand these complex mental illnesses and to update their knowledge on the best way to manage a person with these conditions.

Purpose of Program

The aim of this program is to provide nurses with up-to-date education about mental illness that relates to more complex and challenging conditions, such as personality disorders, including: early identification and assessment, signs and symptoms, diagnosis and ongoing management.

Your Learning Outcomes

  • Examine the characteristics of personality disorder including the signs and symptoms of the condition
  • Outline the best way to manage highly manipulative behaviour in a person who is also superficially charismatic
  • Analyse a range of treatments that can be used to care for a person who has a borderline personality and debate their relative merits
  • Critique communication strategies and their effectiveness in the management of manipulative behaviours, aggression and antisocial behaviours

More Info:

July 25, 2018 at 8:30am - July 26, 2018
Hotel Ibis Brisbane
27 35 Turbot St
Brisbane, Queensland 4001
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