More on QLD Health Memo


You may recall news about the Queensland Health memorandum distributed to every nurse in Q Health incorrectly stating that NPAQ didn't have the right to represent its members.

We do!! And it was very silly of the Queensland Labor Government, to put in writing something that is not only wrong, but requires them to have to make a public retraction. Watch this space! 

It’s no surprise the ALP government would try to knock out a competitor threatening its financial support base. We have no doubt an LNP government would try to do the same. You see we don't take sides.
Remember we support the right of all unions, except ours, to contribute to and support political parties and political causes. However, our overriding principle is that you be allowed to choose.

We are delighted to have engaged Miles Heffernan and his formidable legal team on this particular matter. Watch closely over the next few months.