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QLD Nurses: Union claims nursing sector in crisis as graduates finish training unable to do basic tasks

Nursing Student

Jackie Sinnerton, The Sunday Mail (Qld) 24 November

The ‘dumbing down’ of nursing degrees has been blamed as students nearing the end of their training struggle to perform even the most basic tasks like calculating medication doses and taking blood pressure.

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Communication Survey

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Does NPAQ have the right to enter workplaces?

Right of Entry

NPAQ has never actually had a problem in practice in this area, however the answer is “yes” and “no”.

As an "unregistered" Trade Union under the Fair Trade Act, NPAQ have nearly the same workplace rights as a "registered" Trade Union.  There are four differences, which we set out in NPAQ’s submission to the recent Senate Enquiry into the Integrity Bill.

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Nurse Confessions


Confession may be good for the soul but sometimes not so good for an employee.

The old saying, ‘nobody talks, everybody walks’ holds some truth. As a rule of thumb, there is never a need to volunteer for interviews or to give evidence.

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16,000 elderly died waiting for Home Care

Elderly on park bench

Here at NPAQ headquarters we were alarmed to read in the interim report of the Royal Commission in to aged care that 16,000 elderly Australians died waiting for Home Care packages.  

This is a disgrace.

Our members (and one of our executives) have told us they have elderly parents who have waited three years for a package.
We intend to highlight this failure in our submission to the Royal Commission.

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“Humanity over Bureaucracy” a Dutch-inspired revolution in Nursing.


A new model of care has been developed in the Netherlands called ‘Buurtzorg’ meaning ‘neighbourhood care’. 

The Buurtzorg method has three aims:

  1. better care for patients,
  2. happier staff and
  3. lower costs.
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The Health Workforce Scholarship Program

Health Workforce Scholarship

Up to $10,000 for study or up-skilling!

The Health Workforce Scholarship Program provides scholarships and bursaries to help health professionals in remote and rural Australia to retain and enhance their skills, capacity and scope of practice.  

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NPAQ fights for retired ICU Nurse

NPAQ will be representing retired QLD Nurse Kay Boison following the government taking legal action to recover over payment as a result of a $40,000 payroll bungle. Jack McGuire, NPAQ representative speaks to Sky News - Kenny on Sunday.

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More on QLD Health Memo


You may recall news about the Queensland Health memorandum distributed to every nurse in Q Health incorrectly stating that NPAQ didn't have the right to represent its members.

We do!! And it was very silly of the Queensland Labor Government, to put in writing something that is not only wrong, but requires them to have to make a public retraction. Watch this space! 

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