Is dis-endorsing RIPEN a gateway to devaluing Nursing?


A letter from the NPAQ President

An NPAQ member recently sent through a notification regarding NMBA looking into dis-endorsing RIPEN (Remote and Isolated Practice Endorsed Registered Nurse). The Registered Nurse was concerned that their current scope of practice will be weakened and devalued.

There are approximately 900 RIPEN endorsed nurses practicing in many places that have limited access to healthcare. These are Nurses who are devoted to these communities and want to improve the health outcomes of the people they serve.

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Traditional Unions caught treating members money with contempt

(sigh... again)

union members

You may have been following recent media surrounding Michael Williamson, former Health Services Union boss and Labor party president.


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Login to Members Dashboard

Members Login

Updating your details

First step is to login to your dashboard at

(you may immediately arrive at your Dashboard if you have recently logged in).


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It's TAX time again!

NPAQ Statement

Did you receive your statement by email?

It should look something like this 👉

Great you got it!

  • Check the information is correct to include in your tax return.
  • If any personal information is inaccurate, such as your address, you need to update this.
  • If you need an updated statement let us know

Oh no! You didn't get one.


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TAFE Loganlea Campus

Great to be part of the Nursing Student Research Conference from those nearing graduation from both Alexandra Hills TAFE and Logan TAFE.

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Our Experience with Triple Zero Property

Triple Zero


Building wealth so we can live comfortably and enjoy life is something we all aspire to. And investing strategically in property has long been proven to be a way to create such wealth.

However, it’s knowing where to start, or understanding the risks that can sometime prevent people from delving deeper into property investment.

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Simplicity & Consistency: How To Prevent Burnout for Busy Health Professionals

Prevent burnout

Implement into your life whatever you do.

Whether it is your practice, your breath, life, food, or work. Become balanced, healthy, focused, happy and self-contented by including Simplicity & Consistency.

Health Professionals work in a highly demanding workplace environment that is taxing mentally, physically and emotionally. It is estimated that between 20 and 60 percent of doctors and nurses experience burnout at some point. This can be dangerous to both the doctors and nurses themselves, and to their patients, as quality of care may decrease and propensity for medical errors may increase if they are over-strained.

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What should I do if I don’t think I am being paid properly?

Nurses Pay Rate

If you believe that you are not being paid properly or are not sure what rate of pay should apply to you, please complete an online Members Issue Case Form and one of our friendly team will contact you to discuss how we may help.

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3.5% Wage Increase - Who does this apply to?

Wage Increase Banner

The Fair Work Commission has announced a 3.5% increase to minimum wages following its Annual Wage Review, with weekly wages to be rounded to the nearest 10 cents.

Who does the increase apply to?

The pay increase will apply to employees who are covered by a (federal) modern award, such as the Nurses Award 2010

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WIN back 12 months Membership Fees

Join us to Win


During May and June 2018, all new members will go into the draw to WIN back 12 months full membership fees

That's one full year of no fees and full benefits!  

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