No Party Politics at NPAQ

No politics in nursing

When Graeme Haycroft and Cath Seaver started the NPAQ they knew they could provide a service to rival that offered by the QNMU - at about half the price.

The NPAQ constitution was written to prevent the NPAQ from ever using member funds to promote political or social issues. Let’s be clear here. We have no objection to the QNMU or any organisation doing that. The ALP was formed under the "Tree of Knowledge" at Barcaldine in the early 1890's as the political arm of the union movement and many will say it has served the country well. 

As long as employees have a choice, who are we, or anyone for that matter, to be critical of what any organisation does with their members' money? 

Any nurse who wants to financially support the ALP can join the QNMU. 

However, all nurses who join the NPAQ do so in the knowledge that whatever political party they support, none of their NPAQ membership money will ever directly or indirectly find its way to any political party. 

It is a distinctly different model from the QNMU which is in lockstep with the ALP. If you want to support a political party as well as join the NPAQ, then you have to do it separately from your NPAQ union membership. It is all about your choice. It’s not something any government should decide for you.