NPAQ responds to AHPRA Bulletin to Nurses

Nurses Registration at Risk

It has come to our attention that NPAQ members have received an email from Associate Professor Lynette Cusack, Registered nurse and midwife Chair of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (Read here)

We have concerns regarding the imputations of this message during this professionally challenging time. Please familiarise yourself with its content.

Nurses have a unique ability to think and act under pressure. Making critical decisions every day, but Associate Professor Lynette Cusak has intimated that nurses registration could be at stake if they don’t follow the normal processes, in particular, the ‘Nursing practice decision flowchart - 2013' (View here).

ED wards threaten to be swamped by COVID-19 Pandemic. Understaffed nurses will be faced with life and death decisions in real-time. Nurses might have to override the standard flow chart in order to save lives.

Associate Professor, Lynette Cusack has unintentionally muddied the waters regarding the decision framework. We have been inundated by confused members wanting clarification. This needs to be done urgently.

Please see the letter we have sent to Associate Professor, Lynette Cusak - CLICK HERE.  

NPAQ will fully support you during this challenging professional and personal time. NPAQ members have insurance under our policy.  There is no better time to have professional representation and independent insurance.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us


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