Nursing Documentation and Troubleshooting CPD Seminar

Nursing Documentation and Troubleshooting CPD Seminar

2-Day Personalised Teaching Seminar to Help You Protect Your Registration

Why Attend

If you did not write it – did it even happen? Attend this seminar and find out what your documentation reveals about your professional knowledge. It includes:

  • Are you documenting correctly?
  • How do your perceptions and attitudes influence your approach to documentation?
  • Is mandatory in-house education really CPD?
  • What does CPD have to do with quality and safety?
  • What are the care issues that underpin what you write?
  • How do patient preferences, clinical reasoning, and evidence relate to your documentation?
  • How to see documentation as a tool to get you someplace better

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Need for Program

Modern regulation of nurses is stringent and requires familiarity with increasingly high standards of communication and documentation across a range of media. What and how you write tells a great deal about you and your professional knowledge and skills. Your nursing documentation provides a trail of insight into how you assimilate patient preferences with your knowledge and clinical reasoning resulting in your choice of care. Put simply, your documentation provides written evidence of your professional interventions. This is why it is such a powerful tool. This notion of documentation not only concerns patient/client care but also includes the compilation of a portfolio of proof of competence in practice. Your nurse’s registration (and income!) is therefore dependent upon your proof of completion of annual mandatory continuing professional development (CPD). Overall, there is a need for education that enables nurses to upgrade the nature of their professional documentation/data entry requirements across the scope of their practice. Therefore, at a time when the quality of nursing documentation is intrinsically linked to professional ability, quality improvements, and safety, it is essential that nurses have access to education on this topic.

Purpose of Program

This program’s purpose is to review the nature of nursing documentation across all media and how it reflects the provision of safe, quality, effective, and evidence-based care at all touch points. A further aim is to enhance nurses' knowledge about what constitutes CPD and to reveal how this steers personal career aspirations towards success.

Your Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain the purpose and functions of nursing documentation/data recording and how it relates to professional accountability
  2. Demonstrate a concise trail of evidence/documentation about a person whose condition is unchanged or has deteriorated, including your actions and how the resulting outcomes improve patient care
  3. Analyse the differences between a gap, a need, and a want for CPD education and explain the significance of each concept
  4. Conceptualise a personal career goal, construct a focused, CPD plan (to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency – AHPRA standards) that relates to both your context of practice and career aspirations, and explain your rationale

More Info:

November 07, 2019 at 8am - November 08, 2019
Hotel Ibis Brisbane
35 Turbot St
Brisbane, QLD 4000
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