Nursing People with Addictions Seminar

Nursing People with Addictions Seminar

Includes: Assessing addictive behaviour; Withdrawal and detox; Harm reduction and resources; Pharmaceutical misuse; Communicating with people with addictions; and much more...


Nurses are in contact with people suffering from addiction illnesses in a variety of healthcare settings. The addiction is often associated with a multitude of complex acute and chronic problems, either as a by-product of the person’s dependence or as a contributing factor. Attend this highly interactive seminar and find out:

  • The brain and addiction
  • Factors that tip the scales toward addiction
  • How to assess addictive behaviour
  • The best evidence treatment for addictions
  • Withdrawal management
  • Harm reduction and resources
  • Pharmaceutical misuse and addiction
  • Communicating effectively with people who have an addiction and much, much more


Need for Program

Alcohol and other substance misuse are now considered a major public health problem. Nurses in a range of specialities and settings are very likely to come into contact with people who have become addicted to one or more of the variety of substances of dependence. The consequences for the individual, and the community are significant. It has been estimated that the annual economic cost of alcohol and illicit drug misuse to Australian society is $23.7 billion. Understanding addiction, how it affects people and those around them, and the latest principles of effective management is essential to recovery of people who suffer from addictions and to minimise harm.

Purpose of Program

The purpose of this seminar is to provide nurses with knowledge and skills that can be implemented in all encounters with people who have become dependent on legal or illicit substances of dependence.

Your Learning Outcomes

  • Use essential evidence-based knowledge and assessment skills during any patient encounter for the early recognition of and responses for people who are suffering from an addiction
  • Understand the physiology and psychology of behaviours, emotions and motivations associated with addictions to implement patient-centred care in any setting that enhances recovery and prevents harm
  • Use appropriate interviewing and communication techniques with people who have a history of addiction to facilitate treatment or progress in recovery
  • Practice best evidence relating to treatment and management of withdrawal and detoxification to facilitate a safe outcome for the patient

More Info:

October 22, 2018 at 8am - October 23, 2018
Hotel Ibis Brisbane
27 Turbot St
Brisbane 4000
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