Perioperative Nursing - Papua New Guinea

Perioperative Nursing - Papua New Guinea

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This Perioperative Conference is intended to provide the Nurse with an opportunity to enhance and develop their skills and knowledge relating to key areas of the perioperative environment. The conference program presents current perioperative topics of significance and explores the latest nursing research to create a conference experience that the perioperative Nurse will find both interesting and relevant.

Perioperative Nursing is practised in an intense, fast-paced environment, and this conference aims to improve Nursing knowledge and healthcare outcomes through expert teaching sessions with a focus on evidence-based practice.

The Presenter: 

Dr Osborne, senior Implementation Scientist, Australian Centre for Health Services Innovation (AusHSI) at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), has a clinical background of almost 30 years in Nursing, over 10 in all aspects of perioperative Nursing. 

She is internationally recognised for professional work in perioperative Nursing, most recently (2013-present) for work as the inaugural Editor for the Australian College of Perioperative Nurses’ Standards for Perioperative Nursing Practice in Australia and raising the quality and credibility of the standards by ensuring they are evidence-based and reflect contemporary perioperative Nursing practice. 

This document is held in high esteem by government, industry, the courts and the general public as the national professional standards for the field and is utilised by accreditation authorities with the standards having been cited within the Australian Law Courts in several medico-legal cases.

The Standards are used by perioperative departments, government bodies (e.g. Licensing Standards for the Arrangements of Management, Staffing and Equipment for Day Surgery; Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare), industry (e.g. MTTA Medical Technology Association of Australia), and individual practitioners to guide daily practice.

Dr Osborne is currently leading funded research studies on the uptake of evidence-based standards in practice among perioperative Nurses and estimating true risk of retained surgical items. Dr Osborne has leveraged her reputation in the perioperative community to transition her presentations more toward EBP and implementation science in the specialty.

In addition to her role as ACORN Standards Editor, Dr Osborne is Editor and Expert Reviewer for Cochrane Wounds Group, member of the Editorial Board for the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC), and manuscript reviewer for several other international refereed journals, such as International Journal of Nursing Studies, Worldviews on Evidence Based Nursing, and BMJ Nursing.

Dr Osborne has a consistent record in research and dissemination, having published over 50 papers in international refereed journals consistently ranked in the top 10% of journals in the discipline (Citation Reports Index), most in highly ranked journals, with more than 600 total citations by almost 600 documents.

Conference Learning Outcomes:

  • Explore the latest research updates that will influence the area of perioperative Nursing practice
  • Investigate how communication, leadership, and team building can impact the perioperative environment for both the Nurse and the patient
  • Re-examine the ACORN standards and apply the principles to real-world situations
  • Consider the wellbeing of the perioperative Nurse and identify strategies to enhance the work experience of this specialist Nursing cohort

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More Info:

October 09, 2018 at 8:30am - October 19, 2018
P&O Pacific Aria