Preparation for COVID-19

Corona Preparation for Healthcare workers

The NPAQ State Executive has written to the Premier regarding arrangements to cope with this potential pandemic. Read the letter here.  They have their concerns, and we would like to hear yours. We intend to send further correspondence regarding your direct feedback.

Just because we are hoping it is not as bad as everyone seems to be making out, doesn't mean that we can simply "wait and see" without preparing for the worst. We are not criticizing the Premier but we are pleased that a response is finally being put into place. However, preparation levels are varying wildly between facilities.

As you can see from our President Phill Tsingos' letter he has asked for answers on NPAQ members behalf to a series of vital questions. We believe that unless front line nurses are protected first, then they won't be able to protect the public. You need to know the answers to those questions. The moment we get a response we will let you know. 

The nature of Qld Health is that being a government health service there will be a considerable variance between the promise and the performance and even performance between facilities. 

We need your feedback about what is being put in place and how effective you think it will be. Not to be critical but to open up an alternative communications pathway to the Government so that the public will get the best treatment and so nurses are not put at risk by walk-ins.

President Phill is available to hear your concerns. Tell him what is working and tell him what is not. He is a highly skilled nurse and knows the ropes. Your contribution can save lives and enable us to bring pressure to bear where in your opinion it is needed.

Email Phill at