Simplicity & Consistency: How To Prevent Burnout for Busy Health Professionals

Prevent burnout

Implement into your life whatever you do.

Whether it is your practice, your breath, life, food, or work. Become balanced, healthy, focused, happy and self-contented by including Simplicity & Consistency.

Health Professionals work in a highly demanding workplace environment that is taxing mentally, physically and emotionally. It is estimated that between 20 and 60 percent of doctors and nurses experience burnout at some point. This can be dangerous to both the doctors and nurses themselves, and to their patients, as quality of care may decrease and propensity for medical errors may increase if they are over-strained.

Simplicity & Consistency

To help health professionals manage their stress levels and decrease their chances of experiencing burnout, implement a daily 5 minute practice of sitting quietly, listening to the breath and releasing tension - Simplicity & Consistency.

It is better to do 5 minutes practice every day, than a 2 hour full on session once per week.

Research shows the practice of medicine is a stressful challenge even for the best and brightest doctors and nurses. The rate of burnout among health professionals is sobering and every hospital and medical clinic needs to include some form of stress-management training practice. Practising 5 minutes per day breathing and relaxation helps prevent professional burnout, decreases stress and moderate performance anxiety, as well as improving working memory and increasing empathy. - Simplicity & Consistency.

Repeated breathing and relaxation techniques can help moderate the influence of stress. Daily mindfulness or relaxation practice helps to decrease both the mental and the physical wear and tear caused by stress. More and more, researchers and health professionals are seeing the multifaceted benefits of meditation and the practice of mindfulness in the workplace.

The Power Of Breathing, Meditation & Yoga on Human Health

Breathing practice, meditation, and yoga are grouped into a category (in medical terms) called relaxation-response techniques. These techniques have been subject to several studies which clearly show that regular practice directly affects physiologic factors such as heart rate, blood pressure, stress, anxiety, oxygen consumption, and more.

It was first described over 40 years ago by Herbert Benson, Director Emeritus of the Benson-Henry Institute. Research found that people participating in relaxation-response programs such as breathing, meditation & yoga actually reduce the need for health care services by 43% - Simplicity & Consistency. The impact of mind-body interventions such as relaxation practice, breathing and meditation could be incorporated into regular preventive care.

Implement 5 Minutes Per Day Breathing, Relaxation Practice

Tips how to do your practice. Practice in the morning or during the day by taking 5 minutes from your busy schedule. Sit in a chair, feet flat on the floor, relax, hands on the knees with palms up, eyes closed.

  • Take your attention to the breath. Just breathe normally and focus on breathing.
  • Take your attention to the throat area. Breath.
  • Notice your breathing. Relax.
  • Bring your attention back to the breath.
  • After 5 minutes finish your practice, gently open your eyes, take a moment or two to refresh.

Simplicity & Consistency 5 minutes every day! As far as yoga goes, a 20 minute yoga class once or twice per week is enough to make a difference for most people.

Prevent Stress through Simplicity & Consistency

Stress comes when we push ourselves to do more and more. To prevent burnout it is better to do less and find balance in life. A balanced life in everything you do - living and life needs simplicity and consistency. Become balanced, healthy, focused, happy, self contented - Simplicity & Consistency.

Suzanne Derok

UBIS Health | Director Search Consulting | Coaching Psychologist | Wellness Ambassador | Author | PhD Candidate

Is passionate about good health and wellness. She is the Director of UBIS Health Jobs, Rejuvency Health, Healthifit Wellness Packages & Executive Search specialising in the health industry. To find out more contact Suzanne at [email protected]