Professional Indemnity Insurance Run-Off Cover for Nurses

NPAQ PII Insurance for Nurses

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We are pleased to confirm that our Insurance Broker (Steve Hind at ‘Your Insurance Broker’) has verified that Eligible Members of the Nurses Professional Association of Queensland (NPAQ - ‘The Association’) are covered under their Professional Indemnity Insurance policy for Run-Off cover. The Policy Schedule specifically states:

In the event that a Run-Off Event occurs to an Eligible Member during the Period of Insurance and such member does not renew his or her membership to The Association, the Cover provided by this Policy with respect to such Eligible Member shall continue beyond the expiry date of the Policy up to a period of 84 months, from the effective date of the Run-Off Event, in respect of any Claim otherwise Covered by this Policy subject to:

  1. a) the Claim arising from any act, error or omission prior to the date of the Run-Off Event;
  2. b) pur continuation as the sole insurer of Eligible Members;
  3. c) if we cease to be the sole insurer of Eligible Members there will be no Cover for any claim first made against the Insured after we cease to be the sole insurer of Eligible Members;
  4. d) all Cover under this Endorsement shall cease immediately if the Policy is cancelled;
  5. e) Cover under this Endorsement cannot be renewed or extended.

For the purposes of this Endorsement 'Run-Off Event' means an Eligible Member ceasing to exist or operate, or being disposed of or merged with or acquired by another entity.

In layman's language, if you were an NPAQ member and you retire or leave nursing any incident which comes to light in the following 7 years is covered by the Professional Indemnity Insurance policy.


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