The Nurses’ Professional Association of Queensland – NPAQ, was formed to provide nurses with a genuine professional association structure run by nurses for nurses, that they can join instead of a union. It is a bit like the AMA, but for nurses.

The NPAQ is Informed by four broad themes

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  • Complexity is not free.
  • Open and transparent decentralised solutions are nearly always better than centralised ones.
  • Members money is not to be used for party political purposes.

The existing nurses' unions however want

  • All increases in nurse entitlements to come either from the taxpayers or the shareholders of the private health system.
  • Ever more complex and unworkable workplace conditions.
  • All decisions made in secret and in either the capital cities or Canberra.
  • Nurse members money to be used to fund party political causes.

NPAQ and the existing unions are like chalk and cheese. If nurses are going to get a better deal we first need to identify where other savings can be made. Extra money generally doesn’t grow on taxpayer and shareholder funded trees. New arrangements need to be simple and they need to generate out of the NPAQ branches close to where the solutions can be found. And with no money hived off to party political purposes, the fees are up to $268 less.

Here is your choice. If you are happy with your membership money funding left-wing political parties and non-work related social issues, we are not for you.

Or, join us.

The current union movement in Australia has a monopoly. All monopolies stem from well-meaning governments who believe that lack of competition inherent in a monopoly will never be abused. The scandals surrounding the HSU, now the HWU, the AWU and other unions suggest otherwise. The existing monopoly unions have millions in income and assets. It was perceived by them that there was almost no possibility of anyone ever providing a viable challenge. Accordingly, the scandals surrounding the union movement can be easily explained in that light. “They did it because they could – who was ever going to do anything about it?”

Well now NPAQ have!

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